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P.S: You have been doing it wrong this whole time! 

Start by applying a moisturizer. Make sure to use a moisturizer that will complement your skin type. Physiogel has different types of moisturizer variants ranging from Normal to Combination skin and from Dry to extremely dry skin. Pick the one that is most appropriate for your current use. The trick here is not to start with the concealer first. 
Since it's summer, and you want a fresh, healthy skin, so it's best to make minimal use of makeup. Start by using a foundation that is not too thick or extremely pigmented. Opt for a formula with the thinnest consistency for the level of coverage you want. Thicker formulas can get heavy and uncomfortable in summers. Then use a flat foundation brush to apply the required amount of product and blend with a beauty blender or a silisponge depending on the type of coverage. Beauty blenders tend to absorb a lot of foundation so they give sheerer outcomes until further application. Gently blend in the foundation with tapping motions but do not rub! You want your foundation to blend in seamlessly in the skin. 

Now you may apply a liquid concealer with​ light to medium coverage only on the parts of the face where the foundation hasn't provided the required coverage. 
Next apply a pressed powder. Instead of using too pigmented and thick powders, instead go for translucent powder. You do not want coverage on top of coverage. The translucent powder will help set in your foundation without any extra coverage. It is preferable to use a sponge instead of a brush for powder application as again only the minimal amount of product will go on. 
Thorough out the day, do not try to fix oil build up by layering more pigmented powder on your face. Instead when your face starts to get oily, use a tissue or a beauty blotter to blot away the extra oil and fix it with a bit of translucent.
 Remember less is more in Summers! 

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