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Did HSY just unwittingly channel Karma?

HSY: Reincarnate or a Karma Clone!

Finally HSY, let go of his statement pieces and ventured into a foreign field which was fresh and probably a first for the designer in a long time. The collection, Paranoia, drew inspiration from the current day digital life and was an exploration and statement against this paranoid way of life and all of its trappings. The use of linear and geometric prints created a nice optical illusion and were a rightful reflection of paranoia, though one could do without the embellishment details: the collection was in born of the modern, digital world and the beaded details were redundant. In fact, those details looked like HSY had tried channeling the designer house, Karma's, aesthetic. The silhouettes we saw were interesting but did not seem modern enough for the collection. The floral embellishments,too, were simply superfluous and did not make sense with the theme. HSY promised us digital modern and gave us Karma instead!

Effortlessly chic by Misha Lakhani
Misha Lakhani's collection Caravan, was about poetic storytelling through hand-woven fabrics and superior fit. The hand woven fabric's were indulgent and had a nice, easy going feel with a classic vibe, without being overly reminiscent of the past. The silhouettes were simple yet contemporary and kept to the effortless theme of the collection without being overly ambitious.

Fancy Sporty! by Saira Shakira
The collection, Jie,  was inspired from sporty forms and themes translating them to high fashion. While the collection had loose fitted, easy going silhouettes, it tended to stray towards Romanian and Greek classical influences with the draped balloon sleeves, the peplum tops and floor length draped flaps. At other times, it the silhouette became too fitted to be sporty. The sequin tops, embellishments and other details seemed a bit unnecessary but otherwise, the collection delivered its message.

High street cool with Generation!

Generation was casual, effortless and graphic. The collection represented the high-street brand’s silent protest demanding to have the Lahore's most beloved festival back.‘Bring Basant Back’ collection paid ode to the colorful festival and essentially explores the passion of kite. The collection incorporated interesting patchwork techniques, with a bright color palette in relaxed silhouettes and graphic slogans. It was fun, witty and inspiring without overwhelming the senses!

Zonia Anwar

The collection aimed to bring together a floral and mosaic fusion inspired by work of Maalems (master craftsmen) of the Moroccan Berber. ‘ZELLIJ’ boasts geometric patterns with monochromatic streaks bonded with hand drawn rosettes on light weight silk, twill weave cotton and close knit sheer net to give this spring the well-deserved vividness. The collection had some very interesting pieces with modern silhouettes and interesting mix of prints, though some of the pieces were a bit too radical and Western to resonate with the masses.

Modern all the way!
Sania Maskatiya introduced a brand new and dedicated westernwear line, ‘Sania Studio’. The cuts were modern and chic without trying to hard! The collection transitioned smoothly from plain to printed garments and was impactful throughout the show!

Nude Mood!
The makeup for the day was simple, with rosy nude lips, a healthy looking fresh complexion, a barely there eyeliner and defined eyebrows!

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