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The newest in the line of skin care releases:


Clinically proven to defend skin from dehydration & environmental aggressors
Makes skin less sensitive Restores skin’s brightness and radiance
Free from preservatives, perfumes and colourants

Price: Rs. 1,720 for 40ml
Available in Rich "Dry, Very Dry skin" and Light "Normal, Combination skin" variants
Daily Defence Protective Day Cream is one of those products that make a few straightforward claims but live up to them 100%.
For the most part of the year my skin is combination but it gets really dry in winters. So dry that it sometime feels bruised around the cheek area. Both variants of Daily Defence Protective Day Cream have a thick consistency that feels soothing and nourishing on the skin. They are so hydrating that even the normal combination skin variant worked perfectly fine on my dry skin. Over the last two weeks my skin went from being really tight to being soft and supple. I recommend not using this as a moisturiser under makeup unless you are very dry as it may feel too heavy.
It may seem like a simple moisturiser but I have seen people around me struggle to find something that works for their sensitive skin. Daily Defence Protective Day Cream fits the bill. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the creams actually don't have any scent at all. My only issue with these creams is that even the Light variant is too heavy to be used by normal combination skinned people all year round.


Strengthens and repairs skin's barrier function at night
Makes skin less sensitive Restores brighter*, more radiant skin*
Skin appears visibly healthier* and feels well nourished overnight*

Price: Rs. 1,720 for 40ml
While I prefer relatively light moisturisers for daily wear, I like for the hydrating ones to work their magic throughout the night. That is why Physiogel's Daily Defence Replenishing Night Cream has to my most favourite product from the entire range. The formula does not stay like a layer on top of the skin, which is the case with most night creams. The night cream has helped me in achieving healthy and radiant looking skin in just the two weeks i have been using it. You can not go wrong with this product unless you have extremely oily skin.

Availability: Here is a list of stores where you can find Physiogel products: Stores in Lahore , Stores in Multan , Stores in Hyderabad  Find out the price of all Physiogel products here.

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