Thank you for your interest in The Sisters Go Shopping.
The Sisters Go Shopping (based in Lahore, Pakistan) is a PR friendly blog. We accept beauty and fashion related samples for consideration/review purposes. Samples are accepted from brands, companies, pages, online stores and PR agencies. Our opinion, however, is not affected by these samples. We thoroughly test the products and provide our true opinion to our readers. So it may even take upto 3 weeks from the date we get the product for a review to be published, depending on the type of the product.
Read our Disclaimer Policy for an insight to how the reviews work.

Press Release:
The Sisters Go Shopping also publishes Press Releases. Which particular press release we choose to publish depends on our sole discretion and we are not, in any form, paid to do so.

Advertisement is done in exchange for products, vouchers and coupons.

International Collaborations:
Content at The Sisters Go Shopping caters to worldwide audiences. A considerable part of our readership comes from areas other than Pakistan and we have received samples from International Brands. 

If you want to collaborate with us you can email us at: or fill the contact form on our blog.