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Selected from 100's!

Before we start with our individual favorites from Medora, we have created a collage of our entire Medora lipstick collection. These are some of the Medora Lipsticks shades/ swatches with their respective numbers:

To find about some of the best Medora lipsticks, continue reading below:

Berry 218:
A dark purple with a maroon undertone, this color is perfect for when you feel like making a statement. It is has a smooth application, good color intensity and long lasting formula! Definitely one of our favourites for fall!

Dark Maroon 226:
The name says it all! A statement lip color that applies more intense than it looks and can give high end makeup brands a run for their money! And it makes the teeth appear whiter!

Chocolate 229:
A warm brown that is the perfect balance between drama and subtleness! Basically perfect for everyone!

Dark Coco 221:
A tad darker than Chocolate, this color is a bit difficult to style. It can be overwhelming, and doesn't just complement everything! Still the color is a delight and as such one of our favourites!

Coffee 225:
Coffee is a light brown with pink undertones. It is a soft and subtle color that complements most skin tones and is just as easy to carry. In the simplest of words, this color is everyone's favourite.

Russet 287:
Russet is a perfect mix of brown and orange. It flatters medium tones very well. Plus it is a dupe for MAC Chilly!

Fearless 227:
Fearless is a bright orange. It is perfect for you if you like bright colours but are afraid to opt for a neon shade.

Tender Peach 236:
Tender Peach: It is a pastel peach and perfect for when you are feeling daring

Viva Glam 235:
Viva Glam is a cool toned rosy nude. It is an everyday wear type of a color expect that it flatters only select skin tones.

Shocking Pink 285:
Shocking Pink: It is such a dark pink, it almost appears red. Mix it with Fearless and you have the perfect red!

Pink Clouds 277:
Pink Clouds is a cool toned lilac and as such it complements very limited skin tones. Still it got hooked to our heart and we can't seem to give it up.

Stylista 219:
Stylista is your average pink that everyone has to have in their stash!

Fiesta 201:
A tad darker than Stylista, and lighter than Shocking Pink, it is the hybrid between the two!

Tulip Pink 565:
A neon pastel pink that you just can't say no to! We are smitten!

Siss 231:
Siss is a pale pastel but works with only pale color tones! This is your everyday wear kind of colour.

Demure 561:
Demure is as demure as it's name! It is a pale nude with pink undertones one you will undoubtedly love!

Which Medora lipstick is your favorite? Do let us know!

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