Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simple yet effective, these are the 10 tips for a flawless looking face, makeup maestro Amina Raja is known for:

1. First of all access the pH balance of your skin and prep your skin accordingly. If you have an oily skin, pH 1 to 5, then prep it with a non alcoholic astringent or if you have a dry skin, pH 7 onwards, then use a toner to hydrate your skin and follow with a good moisturising lotion.
2. Never forget to prime your skin before applying foundation. Preferably choose a light reflecting primer or a color corrector. Amina love's to use Estee Lauder's Spot Light for every day use. Kryolan's Color Correctors are a good local option, available at all Makeup City outlets.
3. Next comes packing the foundation. If you are using a liquid foundation, dab it on with a brush. Never forget to cover the neck and the hairline. These two parts are often neglected. Amina love's to use MAC's no. 130 for application.
4. Next take a beauty blender and blend well. The curved end helps to pat in the foundation for a flawless finish. Use the tip to access hard to reach areas like under the eyes and around the nose. Remember, with blending more is better!
5. Never forget to conceal! Use an orange corrector to neutralise the darkness. If you don't have an orange corrector, then use an orange lipstick instead. Next follow up with a concealer. Make sure that your concealer is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Too light and it will make your skin look ashy and too dark, the purpose of a concealer is lost. Also remember to conceal the top of your lids as well for an even tone. A mini baby blender works best for blending the concealer. Another good option is your fingers. The heat from your body melts the makeup and helps it to blend easily.
6. Next contour the skin. Powder contours are easy to blend than cream formulas. But depending on your skin type, crème contouring is a favourable option for dry skins and powder works well for oily skins.  Amina Raja loves to use the Luscious Contour Kit.
7. Follow with strobing. Strobing uses highlights to sculpt the face. Start by applying a dot of highlighter in the centre of your forehead, the inner rim of your eyes, along the bridge of your nose, just above your lips, on your chin and most importantly your cheekbones. Blend well for a lit from within glow.
8. Skip the powder if you want a dewy skin. Use it, only, if you have an oily skin but never overdo it. If possible, set only the T-zone and let the dewiness shine through the rest of your face.
9. Before heading out, use a makeup setting spray to ensure your makeup doesn't budge. Amina recommends Makeup setting spray by Urban Decay.
10. Finally keep some blotting papers with you for they might come in handy.

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