Thursday, August 3, 2017

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Check out the comparison swatches here!

We have all gone through these Pinterest looking for affordable makeup dupes of MAC lipsticks and we have succeeded! In a way, that is! Most of international bloggers and makeup fanatics provide dupes in the names of brands like NYX, Rimmel and similar brands. Now, while these my be drugstore brand sin their native countries, when they are imported to Pakistan, the initially low prices increase exponentially and the purpose of a dupe is thus lost. To help counter this problem, we realised that it was best if we looked for dupes in our home grown brands. And so to help you all, we have compiled a list of 9 cheap dupes for MAC Lipsticks from our favorite local names like Medora, Luscious Cosmetics and Masarrat Misbah Makeup. For details and comparison swatches, continue reading. And if you can think of any other local dupe, then do share with us <3

1. MAC Chili ~ Medora Russet in 287
While Medora Russet is a tad darker than MAC Chili, it has the same orange, brown tones with only slight differences in color intensity. What's even better: this color is perfect for medium tones!
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2. MAC Diva ~ Medora Dark Maroon 226
Who doesn't love some drama! MAC's Diva is the shade to go for if you are looking for some drama and Medora's lipstick in Dark Maroon is the affordable alternative.

3. MAC Lured In ~ Medora Pink Clouds 277
Now this is a statement color and not for faint of the heart. MAC's Lipstick in Lured In can be a difficult to work with and may need meticulous planning to successfully pull it through. A local alternative is Medora's Lipstick in Pink Clouds!

4. MAC Marsala ~ Medora Cherry 286
This is much more subtle than Diva and Dark Maroon and so easier to wear. MAC's Marsala is drama without being in your face kind of loud and the color to go for if you lean towards darker colors!

5. MAC Pink Friday ~ Medora Tulip Pink 565
If you are into pinks, then this may be an unconventional choice to go for. This neon pink, MAC Pink Friday can make for an interesting pair with bronzed skin or tanned skin. A fun pop of color for summers! Try Medora's Lipstick in Tulip Pink if you are looking for a pocket friendly alternative.

6. MAC Pink Pigeon ~ Medora Full Fuchsia 556
A pink that stands out, MAC Pink Pigeon is a vibrant fuchsia that you just can't say no to. We bet most of you ladies are fan-girling over this color right now: go for the local, affordable version like Medora Lipstick in Full Fuchsia if you are on a budget. These are some of the best pink lipsticks for Pakistani skin tones.

7. MAC Viva Glam II ~ Medora Viva Glam 235
Viva Glam II by MAC is a nice rosy cooled toned nude. Pair it with a smokey eye or kohl rimmed eyes for the jaw dropping look! Medora's lipstick in Viva Glam is the perfect dupe!

 8. MAC Liquid Lipstick in Rich & Restless ~ Masarrat Makeup Liquid Lipstick in Valencia
Liquid lipsticks can be a difficult formula to wear but we can't seem to get over this popping orange! Thank God we have a local dupe to MAC's Rich & Restless in the form of Masarrat Makeup's Liquid Lipstick in Valencia. 
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9. MAC Velvet Teddy ~ Luscious Cosmetics Moisturizing Lipstick in Dreams
MAC Velvet Teddy is a nice wearable brown hue. Mahira Khan also wore this shade to Lux Style Awards' 17. And you can now try the affordable local dupe in the form of Luscious Cosmetics Super Moisturizing Lipstick in Dreams.


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