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Selecting the correct foundation color can be tricky, confusing and intimidating. It is mandatory as well as it makes or breaks your entire makeup look. 
Kim Kardashian said:
I hate it when women wear the wrong foundation color. It may be the worst thing on planet when they wear their makeup too light.
And we Kim, agree wholeheartedly with you. Thankfully, selecting the foundation color is not so difficult any more. 
Start by going to your favorite beauty brand counter. It may not be convenient but selecting foundation shades online can be pretty misleading and unless you are okay with your hefty investment going down the drain, you better get moving. Once there, select 3 foundation shades you believe are the closest to your skin color. Then swatch all the 3 shades on your face starting from your cheek to your jawline and blend them separately. 
Swatch 3 shades along your cheeks to select the correct foundation color
The color that dissolves with your skin is the perfect match; a foundation is not supposed to lighten your complexion rather to impart an even toned and flawless look to your face. But the job isn't done as yet;
Foundations can oxidise and change color so you need to wait for about 20 minutes to see if the formula changes color.
Another thing to keep in mind is that foundation colors appear different in different lights. So be sure to select your shade in natural light. My sister faced a similar problem when we went to the launch of Masarat Misbah's Makeup launch. It was in a salon with a lot of artificial light, causing my sister to mistakenly select a shade too lighter than her natural skin color.
Once you have selected the shade, makeup artist Bobby Brown advises to double check the shade on your forehead.
Sometimes, a single shade does not complement your skin color. In that case you may have to mix two foundation shades to get the desirable color. 
Custom make your foundation color to suit your facial skin
At other times, when the skin color of your face and neck don't match, makeup artist Bobby Brown recommends to select the color that matches your facial skin tone and use bronzer on your neck before applying foundation to get the color of your face and neck to match. She says, tan is natural but ashy skin is not.
Lastly, understanding your skin tone can help you in selecting the right foundation shade.
Your skin tone changes color throughout the year. Your undertone, however, never changes. It can be warm, cool or neutral. You are supposed to choose a foundation shade that matches your skin tone and is in harmony with your undertone.
Your undertone can help you in selecting your foundation color:
  • If you have a warm undertone, you need a foundation color with a yellow undertone.
  • If you are cool toned, you need a foundation with a pink undertone.
  • Blue veins reflect a cool undertone and green signals a warm undertone. If you don't fall in either category, you probably have a neutral undertone. 
  • Also see if silver jewelry suits you better or golden. The former suits people with cool undertones, the latter people with warm undertones. 
  • If you still aren't certain about your skin undertone, Bobby Brown advises to go for colors with yellow undertones. She says, a large part of the world population has a warm undertone so a yellow toned makeup is a safer bet. She further recommends a yellow toned foundation for Asian skin.
Color chart for foundation color

This is all you need to know about selecting your true foundation color. In case you have any queries, do leave a comment below and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.
Stay tuned for more tips.
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