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Dewy skin is all the rage these days. Ladies all over the globe are following this trend religiously, or are at least trying to.
Attempts at dewy can easily go wrong. Specially with the climate we have in Pakistan, your 100 watt glow can just as well make your face look like an oil well.
We have compiled some tips to help you get that glow going without giving way to disaster.

  • Use cream/satin blush:
    It may seem minimal but renders drastic differences. Where powder blushes tend to sit on the face, cream blushes make the face look radiant with a natural flush. If you have oily skin and cream blushes tend to slide off it, try the ones with moussey texture. Maybelline's Dream Bouncy blush is an example.
  • Reach for the twin:
    That Mary-Lou and Opal may look stunning, but want to take it to the next level? Use liquid or cream highlighters/illuminators.
    Layer a liquid or cream highlighter on higher points of your face and top it off with a similar toned powder highlighter to get that in-your-face glow. Becca has our respect for coming out with both liquid and pressed versions of their highlighters.
    Bonus Tip: One of the tricks we learned from an MUA at the Depilex one day master makeup class was to first apply NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese on higher points of the face, blend and then follow with a powder highlighter.
    P.S. Get Creative ;)
  • Go easy on the forehead:
    Remember what we said about looking like an oil well? Your forehead is most prone to transforming your glowy look into oily. Go light handed with dewy and light reflecting products on the forehead.
  • Lay low on the mattes:
    Mattifying primers and pressed powders may have been your best friends but its time to lay low on them. If you want your skin to be luminous, avoid applying mattifying products all over your face and use them only on the places which are most prone to getting oily. As it  generally is the T-zone, we recommend using them there only. The pictorial illustration below shows which part of your face is the T-zone.
  • Set It!!
    No. Not with a pressed powder. Using makeup setting sprays not only keeps your makeup in place longer, they make all the products appear less powdery and more blended together. Use the setting spray with a dewy finish for the extra bit of shine without looking oily.
  • Oil it, literally:
    Oiling your face may not sound appealing but it works wonders in the long run. Organic oils don't make your skin oily but rather sink into it and repair it from within. Depending on its properties, incorporate any facial oil in your night time regime to get naturally glowing and healthy skin.
    Many brands are also coming out with skincare ranges that use natural oils as primary ingredients. L'Oréal Oils of Life is an example. If you are still hesitant about using oil on your face, trying these skincare products might be a good idea.
  • Bring out the natural glow:
    Glowy skin doesn't have to be the result of carefully picked makeup products only. Healthy skin has a natural glow about it that no makeup product can create. Regular exfoliation removes the layer of dead skin and brings out the bright and healthy layers underneath. Moisturising (even in summers) is essential for keeping your skin nourished.
I hope you found this post helpful :)

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  1. The NYX Cottage Cheese is an interesting trick! Loved the post (:

    1. Thank you for your appreciation Gul <3

  2. Great post. Very helpful for dewy skin lovers like me.

  3. Really useful tips for my dry skin. It's pleasure for me to read your tips.

    1. Do try them and let us know results beautiful :)


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