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Could this be why she loves it?

Mahira Khan is a skin care freak!! We know now thanks to Vogue India's Beauty Interview with her. She doesn't believe in over cleansing: she washes her face with plain water and follows to hydrate her skin with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer. Her bed time routine includes cleansing the skin using Bioderma's SensiBio H2O.

Mahira Khan wore MAC Lipstick in Mehr to the BIAF Awards last month. Get more details from her makeup artist here. For more celebrity makeover details, follow us on Instagram :)
Many of her favorites include international skincare and makeup brands like Bobby Brown, Dior and MAC. And while these brands are being sold here in Pakistan, there is no official distributor for these and every stockist sells them at their own prices, which can sometimes be sold at twice the actual price. Bioderma is the only one of these brands that is available officially in Pakistan and is a drugstore brand as well so one can always expect some great economical products from them. And so we decided to give Mahira's favorite Bioderma SensiBio H2O a try!! Here's how the product fared:

We first tried this product about 7 months ago, when Bioderma officially launched it in Pakistan and suffice it to say, it has become the holy grail of our makeup regime! The Bioderma SensiBio H2O comes in a plastic container in 100ml, 250 ml and 500 ml bottles. SensiBio H2O has the consistency and feel of water so it comfortable on the skin. Since it is fragrance free as well, SensiBio becomes a safe bet for people with sensitive skins like me. The product is a multi tasker for us: it not just helps to clean makeup but it can work as a cleanser to remove dirt and other residue from the skin before going to bed. It removes most product in a single swipe of the product and other relentless formulas like liquid lipsticks and darker lipstick shades can be removed easily in double swipes at most. 

Now the formula claims that the formula cleans so thoroughly, you won't even need to wipe your face with water afterwards and while it does a good job at cleaning the skin, we are just not comfortable with the this and like to clean up further with water later. However, if you are risky at heart, you can definitely give this a try and if you do, do let us know :)
The mycellar water in it is compatible with the chemistry of the skin and it works alright with the skin without hurting or irritating the skin. But if you are skeptical about putting it on your skin in case you have a hyper sensitive skin, you can always use SensiBio Sensitive Skin Makeup Remover. The solution has a pH of 5, similar to the skin's natural pH level so it does not harm or irritate the skin. The cucumber extracts ensure a fresh looking skin.
We definitely recommend trying this product at least once!

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