Thursday, July 13, 2017

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All about Mahira's makeup and hair from the BIAF Awards!

 When Mahira Khan made her appearance at the BIAF Awards everyone was stunned! Looking every bit a star in her ivory colored gown by Nicolas Jebran, she was a sight to beheld! No surprise she bagged an award for the best dressed female! Of course you ladies were curious to get the details about her award winning look.
Mahira wore a lipstick by Luscious cosmetics to the Lux Style Awards 2017!
We got in touch with Colette Iskandar of the Michel et Colette Salon who had given Mahira Khan the jaw dropping makeover for the night and she was kind enough to share the details of the look! Thank you for that, Colette! 
Colette wanted to give Mahira a soft, romantic look with a dewy skin! 

Colette shared: 
'.... her details are very beautiful and she doesn't need anything strong and bold.' 
Colette was leaning towards the European makeup techniques and opted for a youthful glowing skin to complement the subtlety of Mahira's gown. She wanted to capture the details of her features and so kept the work on her skin bare minimum. For the flawless finish, Colette used MAC's Foundation on Mahira.

On her eyes, Colette worked with a range of soily, brown eye shadows from Kylie Cosmetics. But she did not let the bronze hues overwhelm her skin and paired them with light shades near the brows to enhance the eyes. She further kept the look tame by using a beige blush on Mahira and finished off with MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Mehr! Your nude lipstick will never go wrong with these tips!
Colette wanted to keep the hair contemporary in a ponytail but upon Mahira's request, kept them loose to complement her face with a slight teasing to add some volume.

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