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New formula and new shades!
The Brand Claims:
Available in Matte and shimmer shades, this smoothing lip color provides opulence with light-weight luxurious color. Infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E

My Experience: 
If you follow Masarrat Misbah Makeup on social media platforms you probably know by now that they have been raving about an upcoming launch and the subject for the all the fanning were finally revealed today. You most likely guessed it right! MM Makeup has increased the shade range of their popular Lip Varnish line and has added two new colours to the existing range of 10 shades previously. The two new shades are Viola and MMOrange. Furthermore more, MM Makeup has also improved and updated the formula of the Lip Varnish Range. Thankfully the packaging is now so much better! You probably remember the shade range from its bulky, rectilinear containers that, bluntly, looked inexpensive and seemed flimsy. The new packaging is so much better in shape: smaller, more compact containers and you can't help but thank the heavens for this change. 
I was supposed to review the two new shades but by a turn of the events, I got Viola and an older shade from the range, Mocha Bella so I will be reviewing those two shades for you. Viola is a nice violet shade which can appear a vibrant pink more often than not, but in the right light you can easily pick out the correct tones which are a mix of pink with a cool toned hint of purple. The color is a nice wearable hue that will complement most skin tones and can be a delightful reprieve from similarly dark pinks.

Mocha Bella is a warm tones brown and is the safest tone of brown: it complements warm skin tones and sits equally well with cooler ones. It is the one shade that we have all had once, though some may find it a bit too dark for their liking if they are not fond of browns. 

Now coming to the formula, I believe it has improved quite a lot! My first concern with the older formula was the scent! I was just checking out MM Makeup's shade, Sound The Alarm, that I had in their older formula and I just realised that it had a very overpowering scent, the one that bombards your senses kind! Thankfully, the latest formula has a much subdued scent and I think most can live with it. The lasting power has also definitely improved! All the shades I have tried from this range have moisturizing formulas and one may find herself applying and reapplying the such formulas pretty often to maintain the intensity. While the previous formula was not bad in terms of lasting power: I kind of have low expectations in terms of the​ lasting power of a creamy or moisturizing formula so I am not disappointed easily. The lasting power and decent. The new formula, however, is more resilient and you would find it to be more longer lasting. I think it can give you a wear time of about 5 hours with a meal so it but really the exact time depends on the shade you are wearing: nudes fade off easily while the darker shades last longer, so you may need to reapply depending on the conditions. The formula is extremely hydrating and goes on smoothly. Since it is a hydrating formula, you might find the lipstick bleeding or blurring around the edges. To rectify this, I would recommend you wear it with a lip liner or use it as a topper over a matte formula. 
All in all, I believe MM Makeup has definitely improved their range of Lip Varnishes with this new formula that stays longer, lasts longer and doesn't exude an overwhelming scent either and the two new shades are definitely perfect for summers, and just in time for Eid!

Price & Availability:  Masarrat Misbah Makeup Lip Varnishes can be bought from various  Depilex and Sante Salon Outlets for PKR 750 each. Online it can be bought from their website , or Visit Masarrat Misbah Makeup's facebook page for more information.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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