Friday, June 16, 2017

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And we are loving the shades!

Looks like this is the season of makeup! Earlier yesterday, Masarrat Misbah Makeup released new lipstick shades in their Lip Varnish line. The formula too has been improved. You can read about it here.
And today, Luscious gave us some similar news! Luscious Cosmetics is coming up with Creamy Matte Lipsticks. And apparently they are launching soon! We are obviously beyond excited! Any new makeup is good news, right!
So Luscious has shared swatches of 5 of the shades and we think they are the perfect shades for summer. The shade range includes a strawberry red, a nude shade, a dark maroon (how we love some drama), a rosy pink and a pale pink with nude hints of color. The color range is versatile, pretty wearable and the finish seems nice as well: a smooth creamy texture with a matte finish. Here are picture of the shades in different lighting:

A few months back, Luscious also shared details of a highlighter palette that they are set to launch in fall. The highlighter palette is called the Glow Remix. The packaging is very pretty and it includes 4 shades. The palette is built on a galaxy and unicorn theme and we are beyond excited to have some makeup that challenges and meets the latest makeup trends in the international beauty industry. For details and swatches, click here.

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