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Luscious, Conatural and more!

Willa Hafeez, founder of BeautyBar was the first to realize the lack of coordination and support amongst women. She joined hands with the leading female entrepreneurs of the Pakistani beauty industry to inspire working to help and guide each other on their way to success. These some of our favorite beauty brands and their leading ladies who joined hands for this incredible venture to empower women:

Luscious Cosmetics by Mehrbano Sethi
Luscious Cosmetics needs no introduction. It has become a brand that is widely recognized across the country and is also the first local brand to sign a contract with Sephora. Founded in 2007 by Mehrbano Sethi, who is a through and through makeup buff. Luscious Cosmetics has attained loyal following among celebrities, makeup artists and beauty addicts alike. It is the first local brand that proved to be a game changer in Pakistan’s beauty industry and changed the perception of people about makeup.

“At Luscious Cosmetics, we take the business of beauty very seriously. The company was founded with the purpose of creating high quality cosmetics with an affordable price tag, but without ever compromising on ingredients and ethics.”
Each product is developed with a lot of hard work and passion to be as user friendly as possible and with professional grade results at an affordable price tag. The mantra is quite simple: Celebrate your Beauty!

Conatural by Myra Qureshi
Being a pioneer in Pakistan Pakistan to use ingredients that are natural, organic (where possible) and wild crafted, Conatural is leading the organic beauty industry in Pakistan. Conatural is committed to providing the highest quality organic solutions for luxurious and affordable skin care. Their mission is to change the way women and men buy skin and hair care products. They want to help and eliminate the exposure to toxic chemicals in cosmetics. The result? Healthy, nourished and enriched skin.
The affordable price tag and amazing product quality that delivers has resulted in Conatural being a brand recognized across the country. It’s a brand which is not only used by celebrities but also people
belonging to all classes.

Serene Organics by Fatima & Shahama
Serene Organics is an initiative by two LUMS graduates who seek to provide the market with- crucially needed- pure and natural oils. Serene’s oils are extracted directly from nature and retain their natural properties, bringing zero side-effects. In today’s unnatural world; Serene aims to encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle that is closer to nature in every way. It facilitates healthier and natural way of living for both men and women.
Serene is a strong advocate of serving the community. Not limiting itself to serving the beauty sector
only, it goes one step further and helps the poor oil producers by making them shareholders of their
 enterprise, thus improving their financial status. It also employs women, who are struggling financially by involving them in the production of Serene’s eco-friendly jute packaging.

The Gift Fairy by Abeera Iqbal
The last one on board was The Gift Fairy by Abeera Iqbal, packaging partner for the Women Empowerment Campaign. Its said that creativity knows no bounds and it holds true at The Gift Fairy where you find the most creative and artistic pieces of art. They specialize in making special moments memorable by adding a touch of personalization with their handmade gift boxes, favor boxes, giveaways, wrappings and d├ęcor.

As part of this campaign, BeautyBar also sent as a goodie bad filled with products from each of the brands above:

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