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Physiogel Daily Deference Protective Day Cream and Replenishing Night Cream Review.
Team Physiogel along with actors Aisha Khan and Faizan Ul Haque were present at the X2 CafĂ© on 4 th April 2017, for Physiogel’s Skin Heaven Bloggers’ Meet that a culmination of a previously held Physiogel’s 14-Day Blogger Challenge.  Physiogel’s recently launched its product ranges; namely Physiogel Daily Defense Facial Care Range and Physiogel Calming Relief Range and the intention was to get word out of the new products through their brand ambassador Ayesha Khan and present bloggers.
“It is very important for a brand like Physiogel to have passionate and effective story-tellers as its brand endorsers! We are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to engage our consumers and I am truly delighted to launch our latest collaboration between Physiogel and its key influencers!” said Ayeza Sumsam Mohiuddin, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare’s (GSKCH) Brand Manager for Skin Health Category, who opened the Event with a Welcome Speech and gave a brief brand introduction to the audience.
Aisha Khan, the Official Brand Ambassador for Physiogel and Faizan-ul- Haque, the host of the event were on hand to discuss the benefits and the efficacy of the complete skin care range that Physiogel has to offer to its consumers.
Here's what Aisha Khan had to say about Physiogel:
It is by far the best skincare product I have used. All organic, natural and does not harm the skin.

The audience was then pampered through a comforting Mini- Spa, a Skin Bar as well as a Live Moisture Test; demonstrating Physiogel’s efficacy as a scientifically proven moisturizer for daily skincare regime.
GSKCH Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sohail Ahmed Matin said that “Physiogel is a Skincare Brand which is not only clinically proven and backed by its patented Bio-Mimic Technology but it is a brand that has the power to remarkably improve people’s lives and enable them to do more, feel better & live longer!”
The night came to an end with a scrumptious dinner, after which the Bloggers continued towards the Skin Bar where the attendees had the chance to personally experience the usage and effectiveness of Physiogel’s newly launched ranges.

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