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And more you have wanted to know about concealers!

Difference between corrector & concealer?
Concealer as the name suggests is meant to conceal, hide or disguise shadows or marks on the face. They come in tones similar to the foundations and will not provide high coverage to the marks on your face! This is where the corrector comes in!
Correctors are meant to neutralise the marks on your face and work according to the color wheel. The complementary colors on the color wheel ( the two colours on the color wheel which are exactly opposite to each other ) will neutralise each other! So as you can see below violet or lilac color will neutralise the sallowness of your face!

The correct order of applying Concealer & Corrector:
A corrector always goes on before your concealer! Use an orange concealer to hide under eye circles. Kryolan has some of the best locally available correctors! MAC has some very good correctors too if you can get your hands on them! Enjoy trying :p

Start by prepping your face. Next apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. Read our detailed guide on selecting the correct foundation shade here!  Next follow with a corrector of required intensity and finish off with a concealer. Tip to remember: Always use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.
Makeup Maestro Amina Raja's Quick Tip: If you don't have a corrector, use an orange lipstick instead.

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