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No more saying no to Pizza! ;p

Learn to say yes to your cravings with help of the detailed guidance on fast food calorie count provided below. These fast food items, if eaten in moderate quantities, do not have negative impact on your health. Cutting down on some ingredients and the meal size is just the trick to help you keep a healthy body.

  1. Chicken is a significant part of fast food. When ordering chicken, favour grilled over fried. Grilled chicken cooks in its own seeping fat whereas fried chicken takes up extra oils hence, extra calories. If you still go for fried chicken, skip French fries and dips.
    To eat: Grilled chicken burgers, Grilled chicken with vegetables on sidelines. Two fried KFC chicken pieces with salad. Instead of French fries, pick baked potato wedges.
    Calorie count:
    1 KFC Chicken fried thigh piece contains 290 calories in full whereas a grilled piece contains 170 calories.
  2. Switch to vegetable instead of beef burgers. If you wish to go for beef burgers, skip either cheese or mayonnaise. Calorie count will increase if both are added. In general, without the two, a veggie burger carries 7g of fat and with them 20g.  
    To eat:
    Veggie bun kebabs, variants of chicken wraps.
    Calorie count: 1 potato patty contains 135 calories with 8.3g of fat. Chicken Tikka wrap contains 230 calories in total. Veggie wrap contains 186 calories.
  3. Be careful about your choice of ingredients in sandwiches. Avoid sweet sauces and extra toppings of ketchup and cheese. Ketchup and other dips like BBQ or Sour Cream are boosted with artificial sugar variants. Again, go with grilled chicken and avoid grilled beef. If you’re tempted to try grilled beef, skip mayonnaise and cheese.
    To eat: Fajita sandwich without extra sauces, Tuna Salad.
    Calorie count:
    One 6” Chicken Fajita sandwich contains 447 calories with 20g of fat. 1 serving of Tuna salad contains 310 calories.
  4. Next time someone tells you pizza is healthy, take their word for it! Always have thin crust pizzas
    To eat:
    Veggie feast pizza, tandoori chicken pizza.
    Calorie count: 1 slice of 12” medium hand-tossed Veggie feast contains 240 calories.
  5. Avoid carbonated drinks, choose mineral water. Diet cokes contain sugar but in lesser amount. 
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