Saturday, September 17, 2016

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Ombre lips are back with a bang at the New York Fashion Week.

Yesterday, MAC Cosmetics senior makeup artist Gordon E gave us a million reasons to go ombre when he created the ombre lips for NYFW show!
Here's how he created the look:
1. Start by dabbing Retro Matte Lipstick on the lips. Purse your lips to blend the color.

2. Next apply the Matte Lipmix into the centre and outer corner of your lips.
Blend well! Use either a lip brush or purse lips.

3. The perfect gradient pout is ready.

This is how models from the show rocked the ombre look!

Want to know some cool lipstick tips:
1. Scrubbing your lips with a brush will not just help you get rid of the unflattering flakes but will also boost blood circulation in your lips. This will plump them up naturally. An added bonus: brushing will make your pout rosier.
2. Here's how to find the perfect red lipstick for you.
3. Never forget to line your lips. Lip liners not just ensure that your lipstick stays-put but provide a larger area for your lipstick to be applied on.
4. Wear a nude lipstick which is two shades darker than your skin color.
Tips to help you find the perfect Nude Lipstick!!
5. Overdraw your lips just at the Cupid's Bow and the middle part of the lower lip. Never overline lips at the edges.
6. For more tips, continue reading!

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