Sunday, July 2, 2017

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Or your primer!

Applying makeup may not be the most difficult thing ever but you would find that making it stay put is often the real challenge. The heat, humidity and sometimes the layering all contribute to makeup sliding off, which I can not agree more is a joy killer.
Now this has happened to us all and we have all probably found by now, that even with a primer, the damage keeps happening. The secret is in your makeup setting spray, when and how often you use it, or really when you don't use it!
Makeup artists recommend that you you set your makeup at the end of your makeup regime with a setting spray. For the perfect results, however, you start your makeup routine with a setting spray and follow it with a setting powder. Then you follow it with a primer and other makeup products. When you are done, finish off with a setting spray. Now while many makeup artists remain adamant about the use of setting spray before putting on makeup, its actually how they themselves go about it and would like to keep it  a secret.

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