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These substitute uses for some of your favorite makeup products will allow you to make the most of your buys before they expire:

With a lasting power of barely 3 to 4 months, mascaras are probably the first of all makeup products to expire. Here are some substitute uses for your favorite mascara to allow you to make the most of your money before the post three month expiration period.
  • Since mascaras have almost the same constituency as eye liners, they can make fine substitutes for eye liners.
Ever happened that you bought a concealer shade, too light or too dark for your skin tone? Well, here's what you can do with it:
  • Cover your eye liner mistakes with an angled brush dipped in concealer.
  • Prime your eyes with a concealer to ensure your eye shadow stays put for a longer period of time. 
Pressed Powder:
  • For a matte finish, top off your moisturizing lipstick with pressed powder. 
  • For a long lasting lipstick, apply pressed powder on your lips in between coats of lipstick. 

Nail Polish:
  • Use opaque nail colors to paint your boring jewelery in bright hues. 
  • Top off your favorite metallic jewelery pieces with a clear top coat to prevent them from tarnishing. 
Eye Pencil:
  • Use a white eye pencil on your lid to highlight your brow bone. 
  • A white pencil on your lower waterline will make your eyes appear bigger. 
  • Cover your eyes with a white pencil before applying eye shadow to make your eye shadow pop. 
  • Your eye pencils can work as substitute lip liners as well. 
  • Use eye pencils in place of eye shadow. 
Eye Shadow:
  • Add loose eye shadow to a clear lip gloss to make your own tinted gloss. Use varying amounts of eye shadow depending on the opacity you need.
  • Add loose eye shadow to a clear nail polish to make a tinted nail color of your choice.
  • For extra glam, add metallic loose shadow to your liner bottle.
  • Use eye shadows as blush substitutes.
  • Or use it to highlight your face.
Face Moisturizer:
  • Mix your moisturizer with foundation to make your own BB cream. 
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  1. Awesome, although i like to get rid of my makeup just so i can get new stuff thats more latest =)

    1. We too have similar tendencies Natasha but then everyone has their own perspective. Sometimes people prefer that they be able to multi task with their products :)

  2. wow! Great tricks! Awesome post! :)

  3. Love these tricks ^_^
    They are amazing :)

    1. Thank you for your appreciation dear :)

  4. Very nice and informative post...Nice tricks ...:)

  5. cool and awesome hacks!

    Love XoxoX

    1. Thank you for your appreciation Isma <3

  6. Wow... Some amazing tips. The DIY Bob cream is my go to tip. Great job

    1. Thank you for your appreciation Madeeha :)


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