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You have got it wrong!

Foundations aren't magical potions! They don't fix all your problems and definitely those that pertain to skin two-toning. They just provide a base for your makeup and help to hide skin imperfections. Now while your foundation may help to diffuse together facial imperfections that are a close match to your skin tone and thus your foundation shade, move several shades up or down on your skin palette and you would never get a flawless finish!
The secret to long lasting makeup is not your foundation!
That is if you are only using a foundation. But there is more to a flawless finish then a good foundation. No matter how much you cover dark with light, the prominent hues always peek through. The trick to covering it is a corrector! Now I will keep it simple for the local Pakistani skin tones. You need an orange corrector that will effectively help to neutralise the two toning. 
OUR FAVOURITE: Kryolan Paint Stick Color Corrector in shade 303. 
First hydrate your skin. Then use the corrector. Start under the eyes as they are the most likely to overwhelm your face. Work with little product and layer up if it needs more. Then apply some to your eyes as well to brighten them up Work your way around the lips and near the chin as it is mostly affected by the sun. A little on the lips will allow you to wear lip products comfortably which the the pigmented skin peeking through. Apply a little on the sides of your nose and wherever else you feel like the skin could use some brightening. After you have color corrected, use a concealer wherever you feel like the corrector needs to be toned down. Or else skip it altogether and opt for a lighter foundation shade to use there. I often avoid using a foundation, working with two foundation shades both conceal and add depth to the foundation without having to contour later. Finally for a dewy finish, you can use a cream blush. They give a nice, lit from within glow that no highlighter can match. Our favourite is the Essence Cosmetics Blush Stick. You can read our review on it here. Or you can try The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Stain.

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