Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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You can get it for so less!

It's not often that makeup artists use local products. In fact, it is quite non existent. First of all, high end products obviously provide better results.  And if a celebrity not only brings you a lot of money, but also good PR, you obviously have to deliver the best as well. Unfortunately, many makeup artists just see past the local makeup products! Not this time though. When we got in touch with Maya Ali's makeup artist, Shoaid Khan, we were surprised to find that he had used Luscious Cosmetics Camera Stick to give her the flawless look.
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The foundation is inspired from the expert MUA's of Hollywood with an easy to work with cream formula that can blend seamlessly with the skin for an air brushed finish and a flawless look. 
Just look at how she looks: 

You can get the rest of her look here:

 Here are the details:
1. Start by prepping the face and following with Luscious Cosmetics Camera Stick Foundation for a flawless base to work with.
2. Next set the base with MAC's pressed powder.
3. Follow with a bronzer for a sun kissed look. Sun stripping is the makeup technique Shoaib Khan uses to bronze Maya Ali's face. Here's how its done:
4. Illuminate the skin for a glowing finish.
5. Next rim the eyes with a black kohl pencil and smoke it out for gently for a diffused look.
6. Finish off with a nude lipstick of your choice.
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