Monday, October 14, 2013

Nude lips are all the rage but wearing one can be extremely hard. Finding the right shade that doesn't wash you out is harder then washing dishes after a family feast.

While nude lips make a statement far bigger than red, it always is very hard to find the right shade. Some people solve the dilemma by matching nude lipstick to their natural skin tone. This way when they wear makeup and their skin is evened out, the lip color will compliment there skin tone and not make them look like a zombie. Wear these kind of nudes with a dark smokey eye and nothing can go wrong.
A quick tip to find the right nude for you is to apply a nude lipstick on your wrist right below your palm. If the lip color is two shades darker than your skin color in that area then the lipstick might work for you.
A nude color 2 shades darker than your facial skin is your match.

Wearing nude lipstick does not mean that you have to go for a brown shade. Wearing nudes with pink and peach tones is a good alternative. 
Wearing nudes with pink and peach tones is a good alternative.
Peachy nudes specially work like a dream with the darker asian skin tones. Pair it up with a peach blush and you are ready to take on the world. I have found Color Studio's Color Rush Lipstick in Rush (114) to compliment most asian skin tones.

Hope this article helps.

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