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A brow kit that has it all!

The Brand Claims:
A portable, mirrored tool kit packed with everything you need for perfectly groomed eyebrows at home or on the go! Give your brows the VIP treatment with an arsenal of high-performance products to shape, define, fill and set them, including:
» 2 x Brow Powders
» Brow Setting Wax
» Mini Tweezers
» 2 x Brow Brushes
» 3 x Stencils
» Step-by-step Guide

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My Experience:
Luscious Cosmetics Brow Luxe Tool Kit is designed to be all you need for perfect brows. The portable, compact and mirrored tool kit comes with 2 Brow Powders, Brow Setting Wax, Mini Tweezers, 2 Brow Brushes, 3 Stencils and a Step-by-step Guide to achieve the raved about instagram worthy brows.

The packaging seems very expensive and worth every buck. It is apparent that a lot of thought has went into it. The top part of the actual compact has a flip top lid and houses a mirror for the gal on-the-go, the brow powders and the brow setting wax. The bottom part slides out like a drawer and carried the mini slanted brow brush, a mini spoolie and mini tweezers. The kit comes in three different color variant. The one I have used is in Medium. The shades aren't named individually but one is a really dark ash brown and the other a lighter variant of it. 

Both shades have the perfect ashy cool tone preferred for brows. Better than the tone of contour shades in Luscious Cosmetics Contour Kit original (read review here) and Matte Drama (read review here). These would work perfectly depending on someone's shade preference. I personally use the darker one only. The texture of the powders is very soft and blendable with amazing pigmentation. Because of the texture I do experience the slightest bit of fallout or kick back but I feel this much is expected and not something to fuss about. I find the texture to be a lot like Inglot Brow Powders. The setting wax is something I don't have a clear black and white opinion on despite continuous use. My major concerns regarding it were that it would feel sticky or heavy. It does not feel sticky at all and does a good job of setting everything in place without making the brow hair stiff or overly shiny. However, there isn't a definite time period it all stays put for in my opinion. The performance of the setting wax depends a lot on your usual climate and for how long in a day you are exposed to these environmental factors. For example in the stiffing heat of Lahore these days, the lasting time of the wax is considerably low than what it is in the milder months. But since I spend most of my day indoors with air conditioning turned on, it does a better job of keeping everything in place on me. Though I would say that I need the tiniest bit of it. If I pile on too much, it does feel heavy and that is completely understandable. The brushes are a good addition but take some getting used to. Though they are meant to make the kit more versatile, I think the size is very awkward and needs a lot of practice to get used to. Other than that, both brushes have soft bristles and do a good job of application and blending. The mini tweezers however are a fail for me. They are very hard and I am always scared of accidentally poking my eye. Nonetheless if you can manage using them, more power to you. The stencils are an immense help for someone who isn't an expert at brows but it is very easy to go overboard with them. All three have a realistic but exaggerated shape. If your natural brows are too thin, the stencils may not be a good choice for you unless you know how to manipulate them rather than just filling in the shape as it is. Also blending it all with a spoolie after is more important if you are using the stencils. Though the kit is a very good part of Luscious' Brow Luxe range, I prefer using the Eyebrow Designer Pencil (read review here) because I find it easier to work with.


  • The packaging is impressive
  • Compact and versatile containing all the tools for perfect brows.
  • The eye brow powders are the right colors with a pigmented formula.
  • The powders are easy to blend.
  • The wax sets the brows without making the hair stiff or shiny.
  • The brushes are perfect for blending.

  • The brushes are an awkward length and so difficult to work with.
  • The tweezers are stiff.
  • The wax can get heavy if over applied.
Price & Availability:
Luscious Cosmetics Brow Luxe Tool Kit is available at Luscious counters at all leading stores across the country for the price of PKR 1495. You can also buy it online at Luscious Cosmetics' website and Like Luscious Cosmetics facebook page to stay updated.

My Rating: 4.25/5

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