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And it is the most favorite makeup trend of the season!

Another year half gone, and the love for the 'No Makeup Look' hasn't waned yet! In many ways, its much like Contouring, the makeup technique that was a favorite for makeup artists for a similarly long time! Now we refuse to give up the No Makeup Look yet! And thanks to Dior's Makeup artist, Peter Philips, isn't going away any time soon! The global makeup artist for Dior came up with an interesting makeup technique that can rightly be described as the child of the No Makeup Look and Draping makeup. Draping makeup was the natural take on contouring that introduced last spring and is still going strong.
In draping, instead of using a contour, you use two shades of light and dark blushes sculpt and contour the face for a naturally flushed look.
The new version of draping and No Makeup Look is much the same with only slight variations. For Peter Philips version, you use a lipstick instead of a blush. Here's how it can be done:
1. It is a natural makeup look so you you want to work on the parts of your face that flush underneath the sun.
2. Since you want to keep it more natural, choose a shade that you are likely to change in the sun. For very pale skin tones, you want to use very light peach or pale pink hues.
 For darker tones, use darker shades but the color palette will be same: pinks, corals or peaches.
3. Just like draping start by applying a lipstick shade underneath the apple of your cheeks and blend.
4. Then for further dimension, apply lipstick on the lids, the bridge of your nose, on the forehead, and on the chin to frame the face.
5. The final key: blend, blend and blend!!
If you are looking for a more extensive take on it, you can work with two or more lipstick shades from the same colour family for added depth. P.S: The skin never changes colour in a single shade and you want to replicate just that!

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