Sunday, May 28, 2017

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Some Khaadi workers allegedly earn less than Rs. 500 a day!

One of the biggest textile names of Pakistan, Khaadi was recently called out for its exploitation of its employees. The whole dilemma spurred into action​ when Khaadi allegedly fired 32 of its employees before Ramadan for demanding fair wages. People's Solidarity Forum was the first to take action and called the brand out for its exploitative measures outside their MM Alam store.
Workers at Khaadi are paid as low as Rs. 14K per month for working 12 hours a day, earning an average of less than 500 hundred a day. Apparently over a 100 other people may also their jobs. Not just Khaadi but many other brands have been accused of similar doings. People are now calling to #BoycottKhaadi
These exploitative and hierarchical actions need to stop once and for all. Take a stand and decide if clothes are worth more than people.

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