Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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P.S. Its takes just 5 minutes!

In her latest video, globally acclaimed actress Priyanka Chopra became a Vlogger. The star shared her 5 minute DIY skincare routine. Here's how you can get Priyanka's healthy looking skin:

1. Priyanka's Diy Lip Scrub
What you need:
Take a little sea salt,
pure vegetable glycerin,
and some rose water
Mix and apply. Wipe it off after some time!

2. Priyanka's Body Scrub
It acts both as an  exfoliator and a hydrator.
Take 1 cup gram flour, plain yogurt in proportionate amount and some lemon juice. If the solution is still dense add some milk as well. Further add some sandal wood powder and turmeric. Apply and let it dry. For oily skin use skimmed milk or low/no fat yogurt. After it has set, scrub it off!

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