Saturday, March 4, 2017

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Why did you do this to us MAC?

It's no doubt the creative team at MAC loves to experiment with their makeup products! But this time, the team may have gone a little overboard!
 Mac Cosmetics dubbed their latest 'lip trend' as the Lollipop Lips. It is simply the smearing of your lipstick around your mouth as if you have just sucked a lollipop.
But the people are not impressed!

It is scary to say the least!

The Lollipop Lip Trend debuted in the mid of February and people were quick to respond with not so warm feelings, responding with statements like:  'praying it's not a trend'.

These harsh statements might be making the MAC team think they should have stuck to the original Lollipop Lips:

So are you going to try MAC's Lollipop Lips?!

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