Thursday, March 9, 2017

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Or is it inspiration?!

Plagiarism is the parasite which has haunted our creative fields from a long time! Whether it be the moves from Indian songs or even designers replicating international designers, it seems our creative professionals are easily "inspired". The latest to be inspired were none other than the power house Sana Safinaz.
It all started when the brand's lawyers issued a formal warning against anyone who would try to replicate the designs of their latest lawn collection. People were quick to call the brand for its hypocritical policy, accusing them of copying international designers like Dior and Pronovias in their recent most collection.

When questioned about this unethical behavior, designers are quick to respond with words like "Inspiration" and "Tribute". We are guessing, under the right diplomatic terms, unethical becomes ethical and plagiarism becomes tribute.

The tribute did not just stop at the textiles and was further applied to the advertisement concepts as well. It appears the lead choice for this was Dior and Sana Safinaz were quick to inculcate the exaggerated faux floral decorations and the gigantic upholstered chair in their campaign shoot.

It seems "inspiration" comes easily to Sana Safinaz. The brand often been accused for its tendency to be inspired. For their 2013 collection, the brand decided to celebrate one of Zara's most celebrated pants of the season and ended up copying the design exacty as it was!

Since Sana Safinaz is planning on suing anyone who replicates their designs, we are left wondering if they plan on compensating the designers whose work they have replicated under the names of "tribute, celebration and inspiration"!

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