Monday, January 9, 2017

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It is part of Lancome's upcoming Spring 2017 collection, Absolutely Rose!

Lancome La Rose Parisian Powder consists of a pale pink rose that sits inside a complementary box. The petals of the rose are covered in a softly shimmering powder.

To use the highlighter, gently rub the petals with a brush, dust off the excess powder and apply it on the high planes of your face. 

The highlighter comes with a rose gold kabuki brush for application, priced at $34. If you think it is too pricey, you can get the highlighter for $60 and use any brush of your choice for application. Try using a fan brush for a natural sheer finish or a duo fibre brush for a hint of product. Layer the product to get the required level of opacity.

Here is a video tutorial on how to use the highlighter!

While the shade itself is beautiful, we believe it lacks diversity and probably won't suit most skin types!

Also, while Lanome's concept appears interesting, it is not entirely novel! Les Merveilleuses LadurĂ©e also has a similar cheek product Face Color Rose Laudree Limited. These blushes contain an exciting assortment of elegant face-color petals for special occasions.
Take up the product with a large brush by stroking the petals gently. Dust off excess powder on the back of your hand, and then apply to cheeks. Unfortunately, this product is outrageously expensive, priced at $150.

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