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Follow these 7 easy makeup tips if you have an oily skin:

1. Start with a toner or a makeup remover. Apart from matifying the skin, it helps to clean the skin and removes makeup residue and oil from the skin. This allows the makeup to go on evenly and seamlessly.
I love to use the Duvi Stockholm Toner with organic apple extracts! and Bioderma's Sensibio H20.
You can also use Rosewater. It is one of the cheapest options available and helps to clean the pores. However, if you have an extra sensitive skin, you may want to avoid it.
2. Next apply a primer. Benefit Cosmetic's Porefessional Primer Gel is a cult beauty favourite. Depilex director, Redah Misbah also swears by it. Read more about her favourite beauty products here. 
This really is a game changer if you're looking for a shine free look, this does well with drugstore foundations. Designed to be applied under your primer and results in cover all your pores and imperfections.
You can even try Essence Cosmetic's All About Matt Oil Control Base: it does a fine job of minimising the pores and helps to matify the face. On the plus side it is available at economical rates. 
3. Next you conceal and color correct your face. Makeup artists recommend looking for concealers with silicone in them. The silicone helps to keep the oil in check, however, it can also cause the product to ball up on the face and look unflattering. Also it forms a later on the skin, preventing sweat , dirt and sebum from leaving the skin which can later result in breakouts so it is recommended to avoid it. To identify silicone in a makeup product, look for Dimethicone or methicone, or rather any name ending in 'cone'.
4. For the foundation, you again want to use a matte formula. Look for a water based foundation. Oil based formulas tend to attract dirt and slide off easily.  Here are Makeup Maestro Amina Raja's Top Ten tips for a flawless foundation application. 
5. Next set off your foundation with a pressed powder. Try using Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder. It is a cult beauty favorite.
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed powder review.
6. For blush application, you want to use a powder based product or a moussey formula. Cream blushes can get heavy and cause your makeup to slide off, subsequently making your face oily. Same applies for highlighters. 
7. Finish off with a matte finish makeup setting spray. This will ensure your makeup doesn't budge. Try NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray. It has a comfortable and light weight formula that helps to keep your makeup put for long hours.

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