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For a celebrity looking good all the time is a must!

Celebrated Pakistani actress, Ayesha Omer has bagged another achievement! The model turned actress who was formerly the brand ambassador for Pakisani based makeup brand, Luscious Cosmetics was recently made the ambassador for Maybelline Pakistan. Folowing this announcement, Ayesha shot a “Maybelline Get Set Makeup." campaign with Maybelline. Here's the products used for the beauty episode.

1. A clear canvas before the foundation goes on! Ayesha uses the Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. Apply and use a dabbing motion to blend it well.

2. For the foundation Ayesha uses the Dream Matte Mousse. It helps to keep the face matte and the makeup intact for long hours.

Ayesha Omer says:
"What I love about it is that it has SPF."

Our thoughts:
Of all the foundations I have tried to date, Dream matte Mousse Foundation one applies the easiest. It doesn't require special sponges and brushes to get the airbrushed finish. Just dip in your fingers and you are good to go. The finish is dewy without being shiny or oily.

3. Follow with the Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer. Ayesha says it helps with the puffiness. She also recommends uses ice to de-puff eyes.

Makeup Meastro Amina Raja says:
Make sure that your concealer is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Too light and it will make your skin look ashy and too dark, the purpose of a concealer is lost. Also remember to conceal the top of your lids as well for an even tone. A mini baby blender works best for blending the concealer. Another good option is your fingers. The heat from your body melts the makeup and helps it to blend easily.
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4. The nest step is to apply the liner. Ayesha likes to use the Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. It has an easy to use, precise felt tip. Plus it is water proof so it stays put for long hours!

5. For the mascara Ayesha uses the Lash Sensational Mascara.

Here's why it is one of the most favorite drugstore mascara:
It too comes with a dual action brush. The inner tiny bristles are meant to capture the barely there lashes on the rim of your eyes whilst the outer bristles volumize and fan out lashes. The curved dual action wand is much similar to that of L'oreal's Voluminous Butterfly Mascara but much better and sturdier in contrast. The wand allows for a smooth, even application from root to tip. It is quick to dry and defines, lengthens and volumizes the lashes with curls that last long.
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6. Then Ayesha follows with the Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink. She loves to use her fingers for a natural looking flush! Sometimes she also dabs a bit of the blush on her nose for a flushed look.
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7. Next she likes to use Baby Lips as it hydrates and moisturizes her lips and give a hint of a color as well.
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8. For the final touch, top your lips off with the Color Sensational Lipstick in Feel Pink 162. The hydration from the Baby Lips allows the lipstick to go on smoothly ans evenly.

And Ayesha is ready to face the world!!

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