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From the skin care to the makeup products to use!

We sat down with a couple of beauty fanatics and discussed their winter skincare routine. Here's all they had to say, including the skin care tips they use and their favorite makeup products for winters! There safely guarded secrets are all yours to devour!

These are the questions they were asked::

  1. Mild moisturizers render ineffective in winters but too much moisturization leaves the t-zone oily. What is your golden rule for moiturization?
  2. Suitable winter foundations for every skin type in your opinion.
  3. With the winter lipsticks taking a turn towards bolder mattes prepping lips is a must. Share your tested chapped lip remedies.
  4. How to overcome dry itchy scalp?
  5. What are your five winter must have products?
Here's what they had to say:

Nayab Najam
1. I'd say finding the perfect moisturizer. If the first one doesn't work for you then there are tons in the market. I used to have the same issue until I started using a day moisturizer from Simple. It has a mild SPF, moisturizes well enough for the winters and absorbs immediately. 
2. Hmm, I'm probably not the best person to answer this question for you since 2013 was the year I gave up foundations on a day to day basis, for the entire year I've almost only worn it to weddings. My absolute favourites are Loreals True Match Super Bleandable foundation and Diors Eclat Satin Moisture Release makeup. I always wear the two mixed together and it leaves my face as flawless as can be achieved with makeup. 
3. My favorite remedy is one that I do every time I brush my teeth. Once you're done with brushing your teeth, use a spare tooth brush and gently brush your lips with it. This will take of the dead cells on your lips, and leave them super soft and plump! All you need after that is a lip balm :) 
4. I've found that as healthy cocunut oil is for my hair , it really leaves my scalp itchy. So I've stopped using that completely and instead use 100 percent pure sarso ka tail. It is amaziing, leaves my scalp nice and clean and hair suppper soft and silky. 
5. Black ankle boots, I wear mine everywhere!
A thick super warm digital print scarf, I love wearing it to univeristy. The digital print makes any outfit look a little less boring.
A luxurious body butter, I'm using Victorias Secret Body Butter in Pure Seduction, LOVE it! 
MUA's Matte Lipstick in Berry (it's a lovely natural berry color, if that even makes sense)
A mysterious warm scent, I'm currently loving Body Shops Moonflower! :)

Rakhshanda Khan:
1. I've been blessed with normal skin and don't suffer from any oil issues. I moisturize with my St Ives timeless skin moisturizer and that's it.
2. I swear by the Revlon Colorstay range, I think it works for almost every skin type.
3. I apply my lipbalm after I moisturize my face which is the first step in applying makeup. For uber matte lip products I just dab on some revlon lipbutter in peach parfait on top it doesnt effect the color much just moistens the lips!
4. The hot oil massage is the best thing for  dry hair/scalp. The mustard oil suits be best.
5. -Bath&Bodyworks Secret Wonderland body lotion
- St Ives timeless skin moisturizer
- Revlon lipbutter
- Johnsons Baby Oil
- Good old Petroleum Jelly
- Glycerin+rosewater+lemon mixture

Shang Jay:
1. Who would know that better than me, I have a combination skin which gets dry patches around my cheeks in winters and it's so hard trying to create the perfect balance between my oily and dry skin. My golden rule would be just to know your skin type and find the right product that is geared towards your skin. REN T-Zone Balancing Fluid is one made for my kind of combination skin prone to breakouts.
2. I think that YSL Touche Eclat Foundation works for most skin types and also the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.
3. Well, sadly I am not into home remedies just call me lazy haha! But my favourite chapped lips products would be Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm and Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil. And I love to prep my lips with the LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub before a bold matte lip.
4. I have found that The Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo works amazingly for dry itchy scalp. It does what it claims and is absolutely wonderful and refreshing.
5. If I have to narrow it down to three, in winter I would never be able to live without The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm and the Soap & Glory Hand Food.

Shehrzad Dastaan:
1. I increase my night time moisturizing.I use a heavy duty moisturizer at night(the one aiming at more hydration).During day I just use a little LOreal hydra gel on cheeks.Skin which is getting hydration at night can survive the the day even with less moisturizer.
2. Well I always consider oily skin a totally different category.This type just can not be grouped with others when it comes to foundations.So,i would recommend two:
For oily skin:
Go to,HG,The best is Bourjois 123 Perfect.If there is a shade problem LOreal True match is a great great option in drugstore ones.For high end MAC  prolong wear.
For Others:
Bourjois Healthy Mix.
3. Drinking lots of water,8-16 glass per day, is of supreme importance.
Labello Lip balm.
Lip exfoliation with sugar mixed with a drop of lemon.
A small trick is to apply Vaseline on moistened lips.Vaseline does not hydrates, but locks in using it over moist lips keeps the moisture contents in.
4. A tough one...Half a lemon mixed with warm sesame oil ya sarson ka tail.Apply and leave in for an hour.Then wrap hot towel around head for fifteen minutes then wash off.
Yogurt with egg helps loads.I have tons of faith in this hair mask.
5. Labello Lip Balm
Loreal Aqua Fresh Hydragel
TBS Body butter or St Ives Collagen Elastin moisturizer
A good body scrub(My choices change. St Ives,TBS and Soap n Glory)
Night cream from Clarin's brightening range.

Nida Moughal:
1. My grand rule of moisturization is to to moisturize right after shower and use dermalogica barrier repair to lock it.
2. The body shop Moisture Foundation is working well for me in this chilled weather.
3. I brush my lips simple & easy.
4. I use Neutrogena Therapeutic Shampoo. 
5. The Body Shop Almond Hand  Cream, Lip Balm currently I am using Maybelline Baby Lips, Body Butter right now I am using Mikyajy Cherry Blossom Body Butter, & a moisturizer & I have just finished Elizabeth Arden 8 Hours Intensive Daily Moisture.

Nida Arshad:
1. I, being a combo need a heavy duty moisturizer for my cheeks. So what I do, I apply less on my T-zone and more on cheek area.
2. Oil based foundation works well in this season. I was previously using from Avon but sadly its discontinued.
Smash box, makeup forever HD foundation is in my wishlist :-)
3. My trusted chapped lip remedy is always Sugar. I use it with honey or olive oil or sometime just even plain sugar. 
4. Do tell me if you know anything lolz... I have an intense dry scalp and I have tried almost everything but oiling is the only solution I know, ya ya I know I am so lazy to follow this though (**sigh**)
5. I never had a dryness problem ever although never had oily skin. It was such a balanced normal skin but from last two years it has really gone to combo side with sensitivity. So I am still exploring with this but I think I need a good heavy duty non-sticky moisturizer, a non-sticky body butter/lotion, vaseline for my lips and lots of vegetables and juices.

Huda Sheikh:

1. Moisturizer is a must! be it Winters or Summers. For Summers choose some gel/aqua based moisturizer. In Winters no one can afford skipping moisturizing. To avoid T-zone getting oily, I use a light moisturizing lotion, Olay Pink fluid, my trusted for day time. At night, before sleeping I generously apply a Cold cream, Pond's my trusted, to quench the moisture thirst of my skin. This balances out and I don't get a problematic T-zone for my combination skin and cheeks stay soft and well moisturized.
Bourjois Healthy Mix has been raved as the best moisturizing foundation, but for me that is yet to be tried and tested. My personal favourite since last year is Color Studio Pro Luminous Foundation, it gives a well hydrated, dewy yet natural finish along with medium coverage, like the way I LIKE IT!
Before retiring to bed at night I cover my lips with a thick layer of Lip Balm, a little pot I got from local market. This softens all the dead and chipped skin over-night and while brushing my teeth the next morning I softly brush my lips too... poof! all the dead skin layers-off easily. Then I apply my non-greasy Lip Balm, Naked Lips, and rock on the day with any favourite lipstick of mine over it.
1: Take a shower daily, yes the clean scalp is the only way to avoid itching and oiliness. 2: DO NOT APPLY any conditioner, hair mask or Serums directly on the scalp/roots, just apply them through your hair length, esp if you have oily scalp. 3: Cut the quantity of tea and coffee intake esp in Winters they tend to dry skin badly, tried and trusted 4: Switch to Head & shoulders Classic, till date I couldn't find any other shampoo that can help relieve the itchy scalp and dandruff.
1: Moisturizer

2: Lip Balm
3: Hand creams, allot of them
4: Foot Balm and Vaseline
5: Body Lotion that can keep my skin well hydrated all day long

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