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These tips will magically improve your hair.
P.S: No magic potion needed :p
Oil plays a significant role in rejuvenating and strengthening hair. Keep these things in mind to make the best of oil use:

Longer is not better
Many of us have a common misconception that the longer we apply oil, the healthier our hairs will be. Ideally, though, oil should be removed after a couple of hours. However, if your hair lack proper nourishment and you are suffering from problems like hair loss, frizz and very fine hair, only then can you extend the wear time. Keeping the oil on for very long periods of time can cause your hair follicles to get blocked and prevent essential nutrients from entering your skin there. Also, oil attracts dirt and grime causing your hair to look tacky. Finally, oil also weighs down hair and cause you to lose your natural hair volume.

Palm full is enough!
We often wrongly assume that drenching our hair in oil is the right thing to do. But your hair need only so much nutrients. Take a palm full of oil, pour it down the top of your hair and massage it to cover the entire scalp. Excessive oil will just cause your scalp to become greasy, and clog your hair follicles.
Focus on the scalp
 Oiling the length of your hair may cause them to detangle easily and look glossy but for long term benefits you must always oil your scalp. From there, the oil seeps into the skin, enters the hair cuticle and nourishes your hair from the root to tip.

Oil regularly
Just like your skin, hair take a lot of time to rejuvenate so it is important to regularly oil your hair once or twice a week. This will not only strengthen them but also provide natural gloss and luster.
Never forget to massage
For your hair to get the maximum benefits of oil, it is important that you massage your hair. It helps promote blood circulation which helps your hair to get their due vitamin and oxygen share from the body. Plus it helps to relieve you of stress. Using gentle hands, massage your hair in a circular motion and you are good.

Cold is fine, warm is good and hot is the worst.
Warm oil has the best chance of getting absorbed in your scalp. Cold slightly lesser so and hot: it will just burn your scalp and damage your hair.

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