Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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One of the many reasons to love Mahira Khan is her impeccable sense of fashion!!

We still were not over Mahira Khan's look from the LSA 2016!
This is what celebrities wore to Lux Style Awards 2016

But just days later, Mahira has given us another drool worthy look, this time an embellished lehnga choli from the designer duo Rema & Sherbano.

We know the image does not show much of the outfit so we did some research and found you the complete frontal:

We know you love it.
Looks like Rema & Sherbano are going to be our new favorite designers.
But its not just us: Actress Maya Ali and Nastasha Khalid of Natasha's salon were seen flaunting R&S blue kurti's and lace culottes. Aren't the two a sight to behold *sighs*
Rema & Shehrbano are the new favorite designers of celebrities!!

Any ways, back to Mahira Khan!
Good news for you ladies: You Can Now Get Mahira Khan's Look From The LSA'16!!
Mahira's makeup artist exclusively revealed to us the products he used to create her look:

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