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A day spent at Depilex College of Cosmetology, here is what we learnt:

Depilex College of Cosmetology,  is one of the pioneers of professional beauty education in Pakistan. With their many years of service, they have undoubtedly earned themselves a name which is synonymous to perfection.
Wing back a few months and we were invited to attend a 1 day professional makeup class at the Depilex College of Cosmetology in honour of the Depilex Salon's 35 year anniversary.

 Here's a clip of Ridah Misbah from the makeup class:

Here are some of the best makeup tips from Depilex:
1. Never forget to moisturize your face. The mosisturizer acts as a base ensuring all products go on smoothly and effortlessly for a more seamless finish.
2. Always swatch the foundations across your jaw. Testing it on your arm will probably mean that the shade will not suit your face because of tonal variations and different skin chemistry.
This and more tips for selecting the correct foundation shade.
3. After application let the foundation rest. Do your eyes in the meanwhile. Apply powder about 15 to 20 minutes later. By now the foundation will have melted in the skin. The powder will help it set. This is calling baking.
4. Next do your contouring. Did you know makeup experts at Depilex love to use the Luscious Contour Kit. What's there not to love: reasonably priced and easily available, plus it does a good job. 5. Remember you contour just below your cheekbone. If not sure, use your fingers to help you find the correct position. For accurate contouring, use a brush handle to help you draw the contour line.
Read our review on the Luscious Contour Kit.

6. If you have fuller cheeks, avoid applying blush on the apple of your cheeks. Highlighter goes over the top of your cheek bone. Makeup experts at Depilex love to apply NYX pencil in Cottage Cheese first and then top it off with a highlighter for the 100 Watt glow. The cream base helps the highlighter to stick better and longer. Our Editor-in-Chief loves to use this trick.
7. Depilex team loves to use Glamorous Face USA Makhmally and Matte eye shadows palette for the most diverse results. It is a local, under the radar makeup brand but with very good and reasonably priced products. The palette contains 96 eye shadows which are all very pigmented. Our Editors too are huge fans. This is the palette:

8. Highlighting the inner lid can get tacky and unflattering very easily. Team Depilex recommends using a Q-tip to restrict the shimmer application and keep it from getting dirty.
9. False lashes rarely come in the perfect sizes. Team Depilex is always trimming lashes to fit the customers eye perfectly. But always from the outer corner. The inner rim is designed particularly to fit the eye for better grip. Cut from the outer corner. That will work.
10. When applying lashes, keep a mirror in your lap as a guide.

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