Monday, August 22, 2016

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This new endeavor by Sapphire Textiles is going to forever change the way you shop:

Sapphire has taken retail experience to unprecedented heights with the launch of their Concept Store.
The innovative store which is housed in the Emporium Mall Lahore opened its doors to the public on 19th August. The Concept Store features an in house café offering tea, coffee and other delights. It also features a built-in play area for kids for ladies to enjoy a hassle free experience. The store has been established in line with retail practices from luxury brands across the globe.

The launch event was attended by the crème de la crème of fashion, media and showbiz alike. It also featured a live music performance by Umair Jaswal. 

At the occasion, Sapphire also launched their much coveted Cambric Collection for 2016. It featured the signature Sapphire's flora and fauna and incorporated two pieces and four pieces ranging from PKR 1,700 to 5,900. Have a look at what we got ourselves from the new collection.

Sapphire's Concept Store is definitely a unique idea but whether it gathers the interest of the public or is another one of those average happenings in the fashion hub of Lahore which fails to make a lasting impression, this only time will tell. Let's wait and find out!

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