Sunday, August 7, 2016

We spent PKR 40,000 on Amina Raja's makeup class and these are the makeup secrets we learnt:
P.S: These will forever change the way you do makeup!!

1. Always hydrate your face with a toner before applying a primer or foundation. Toner helps to regulate the pH of your face and prevents your foundation from bleeding or the formation of dry patches.
We love to use the Duvi Stockholm Toner with organic apple extracts!
2. Always test a foundation on your cheeks when buying a new one.
This and more tips for selecting the correct foundation shade.
3. A flat brush is your best friend for foundation application. Amina Raja loves to use Sephora brush no. 83 for foundation application.
4. Always blend your foundation in a patting motion. The heat from your body helps to melt the foundation and blend it well. Amina loves to recommends Kat Von D foundations for Pakistani skin tone.
5.. Before applying  concealer, apply a corrector under your eyes. Use an orange concealer to hide under eye circles. If you don't have a corrector, use an orange lipstick instead. MAC has some of the best correctors.
6. For a dewy skin, skip the powder.
Read more tips:

7. Use a tilted brush for contouring face. If you are an amateur, use a card or a brush handle as a guide.
8.. Start from the centre of your ear lobe and stop the contour before your smile lines. Amina Raja loves to use the Luscious Contour Kit. 
Read our review on the Luscious Contour Kit.
9. For nose contouring, always use a light contour shade. Using a tiny tilted brush, apply the powder with little pressure down the length of your nose and fill in the lines with a highlighter.
10. When contouring the nose, apply the contour powder in two parallel lines for best results.
11. For best strobing results, apply a strobing powder first, then top it off with a shimmer. Amina's favourite is the Naked Shimmer Illuminator. You can also use Dior Nude Skin Glow. Luscious Fairy Dust is a good drugstore substitute. 
12. For a very dewy look, spray the makeup setting spray on your brush, dip it in your highlighter pot and apply it over your cheeks. Amina recommends Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray.
13. If your makeup starts to bleed, set it with a translucent powder. Try to avoid tinted shades. Try Laura Mercier's translucent powder. Another one of Amina's favourite is the Makeup Forever HD Powder.
14. Always apply  your blush in a downward motion. Start from the outer corner of your ear and work your way inwards towards the apple of your cheeks.
15. Never forget to prime your eyes before doing eye makeup. Use Luscious Cosmetics eye primer. Or else set your eyes with a translucent powder to provide your eye makeup a base to to cling to.
16. Use a damp flat feathery brush to pack eye shadows.
17. When blending or smudging makeup, always use a dry eye shadow brush.
18. When applying eyeliner, stretch the eye a little.
19. Use a pointed tip brush to apply liner. They give the best application.
20. Never keep the brush vertical when applying eyeliner. Tilt the brush outwards for easy and smooth application.
21. Apply  false lashes from the center of your lashline and using a cotton bud, smooth it over. Plus, it helps to remove excess glue.
22. Using a MAC brush in 231 apply shadow on your lower lashline. Hold a tissue underneath during application to prevent unflattering smudges or eye shadow transfer.
23. Maybelline Master Drama has the best water proof Kohl's with excellent pigmentation. Amina loves to use them for tightlining the eyes.
24. Finally apply a lip color to complement your entire look. Amina Raja's favourite orange is Scandal by Illamasqua.
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