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Tips to do makeup for every eye shape:

Almond Eyes:
Almond Eyes resemble the shape of an almond. They are almost symmetrical with slightly up swept out corners. These eyes allow the most room for creativity and experimentation. Sweep a light tone across your entire lid and accentuate the outer corners by using a middle or darker tone.

Round eyes:
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More round than almond eyes. More white of the eyes is visible than in almond eyes. You want to elongate eyes. Cover your entire lid in a light shade till the crease and apply a dark or middle tone on the outer corner of your eye. Using a dark pencil to tightline the outer corner of upper lip to draw attention to  draw attention to the outer eye corner. Avoid lining bottom lashline as it emphasises roundness of the eye.

Upturned or Asian eyes:
Prominent lift at the outer corner of the eye. They have the perfect shape for smokey eyes. You want to emphasise the uplift and enhance symmetry. Apply a light shade to the brow bone and cover the entire lid with a shimmery shade. Finally thinly line your upper lashline with a dark shade. Using the same shape, repeat lining the lower lashline to bring about symmetry.

Down turned or droopy eyes:
These eyes have a drool or downward tilt at the outer corner of the eye. These eyes are best for eye liner application, particularly the cat eye. You again want to use shimmer on your lid. Cover your eyes in a light matte shade to the brow. Finish off by lining the upper lid in a thinly applied dark shade and turn upwards at the outer corner for a cat eye look. Do not line the lower lid.

Hooded eyes:
The natural  crease line is hidden and the lid is less visible. These type of eyes are great for contouring.You want to apply a light shade to the brow bone and a middle tone across the lid. To make your eyes look bigger, thinly line the upper lid with a dark shade.

Deep set eyes:
Deep set eyes are large and set deep into the skull, creating the illusion of a more prominent brow bone. Since you want to bring out the lid avoid putting dark shadows on the lid and instead sweep a light shade across the entire. Avoid putting color in the crease. Head straight to defining the lashline.

Small eyes:
Your eyes are not a very prominent feature of your face. You want to enhance your eyes so avoid dark colors. Sweep a light shade across the entire lid. Use a medium tone for crease contour and always work on the outer corner to give an illusion of bigger eyes.

Close set eyes:
They are less than one eye ball width apart. Work light hues on the inner lid. Try nude hues or light peachy pastels. You want to divert focus to the outer corner of the eyes so use medium or dark hues there. Also try dabbing extra mascara or put on individual lashes on the outer corner of your lashes.

Wide set eyes:
Wide set eyes are more than an eyeball apart. To bring eyes closer together you want to bring the focus to the inner part of your lids. Use a medium or dark tone there and avoid defining outer corners.

Protruding eyes:
These eyes have very bulging eye balls. To recede eyelids you want to avoid shimmers. Try sweeping a matte medium shade across your entire lid and skip crease application.

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