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This is the best brush for the type of foundation you are wearing!

With so many different types of foundation and foundation brushes available, one is bound to get confused. To make it easier for you all, we have compiled a list of the most common types of foundations used by the Pakistani ladies and how to best apply them.

Liquid Foundation
Liquid Foundations are the easiest formulas to work with. While you can work with various tools, beauty blenders tend to absorb a lot of the product. Silisponge is a good alternative that will allow you to seamlessly blend the foundation without much product wastage. As an alternative, you can try an angled foundation brush, the shorter, tightly packed bristles good for buffing and the longer ones to cover hard to reach areas.

Stick Foundation
Stick foundations are generally difficult to blend. Since, this is one of the most relentless formulas it is recommended never to skip moisturizer or a primer. For seamless blending, try to use a a damp sponge, or a beauty blender. You can also work with a thick, kabuki brush. For difficult to reach areas, go for the angled foundation brush. You can also wet your makeup brush or sponge with a fixing spray, instead of using water for effortless blending.

Cream Foundation
Due to its thicker consistency, it is again one of the difficult formulas to work with. Handle it just like your stick foundation. To control the amount of product usage, try using a damp makeup sponge or even a damp buffing brush. The firmly packed bristles make it easier to buff foundation while the dome allows to reach the crevices on your face.

Cushion Foundation
For a hassle free application, use the puff that comes with the foundation. For effortless blending on the skin, use a simple buffing brush or an angled foundation brush.

Serum Foundation
Serum foundations are the runniest and most light weight formulas. They are most easily absorbed by sponges or beauty blenders so the two are a big no for this type of foundation. Use your fingers for the easiest application. If you are not comfortable with that, then try using less dense foundation brushes for the least product wastage. You can try using a stippling brush. A stippling brush is a duo fibre brush which is less dense on the top to deposit product on the skin with little product wastage and densely packed bristles on the bottom.

Whipped Foundation
Whipped foundations are a hybrid between liquid and cream foundations. Try a damp makeup sponge or a simple buffing brush.

Spray Foundation
While, spray foundations are meant to be sprayed on the face, they get extremely messy this way, not only likely hurting the eyes but overdoing the foundation. So it is recommended to spray the foundation first on a fluffy foundation brush and then applying on the face for the best results and coverage,

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