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Use them as an eye shadow, a highlighter, en eyeliner or even a lipstick!

The Brand Claims:
Aquacolor Interferenz is an iridescent glycerin-based compact make-up, containing no metallic pigments, with pearlescent effects for creation of captivating make-up impressions on face and body. Application is effortless, with an only slightly moistened make-up sponge or brush. After drying, it can be gently buffed with a soft towel or with the hand - but is not powdered. Fixing spray is recommended if the make-up will be subjected to extreme conditions. Aquacolor Interferenz is extensively smudge-proof and can be easily removed with soap and water. In addition to the classical color nuances of gold, silver, copper and bronze, Aquacolor Interferenz offers a large assortment of vivid, iridescent colors. ECARF certified.

My Experience:
Magic potion in a container! Kryolan's Aqua Color Interferenz comes in a clear plastic container with a pull open lid. It contains 8 ml of product with relevant information like the make, ingredients and more on the back of the container! The shade includes classical hues like gold and other shades as well.
I tried it in two variants: RY and Copper. RY is an iridescent shimmer with a pale pink and golden hue. Copper, as the name suggests, is a copper hue.

The Aqua Colors have a thick creamy consistency. When applying the product, it is recommended to use a damp sponge or a brush for easy, effortless application but with a new product it may be just as easy to work with a dry brush. I, for one find it the easiest to work with my fingers. The brushes seem like a lost cause with the thick creamy consistency and the sponge not as easier either. For increased shimmer of foil effect, it is recommended to spray your makeup brush or sponge with MAC Fix +
More tips here.

While they are mostly worn as eye shadow bases, you can wear them separately as well.
The pigmentation of the aqua color interferenz is intense and can be built by layering. It is comfortable to wear and stays on for a long time, though it needs to be set for longer wearing times.
While the Auqa Color Interferenz are mainly used as eye shadow bases, you can use them as a blush or a highlighter. I love to wear the shade RY as a highlighter. With the current addiction with shimmer and glitter, you can even wear them as a lip gloss or a lipstick, or even an eye liner: your pick!
All in all, Kryolan Aqua Color Interferenz are the choice to go it you like shimmer and intense pigmentation without the chunky glitter and multi tasking products!

Price & Availability:
Kryolan Aqua Color Interferenz can be bought for PKR 1270. Kryolan products are available at all Makeup City outlets. You can order them online at makeupcity.com , just4girls.pk , daraz.pk

My Rating: 4.25/5
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