Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Khaadi denies 'firing' employees but People's Solidarity Forum won't call it a truce!

Last week saw a mass protest against Pakistan's leading textile house, Khaadi. The protest was initiated by People's Solidarity Forum for allegedly exploiting workers and paying them as low as Rs. 14000 a month for a working day of 12 hours. People Solidarity Forum took to Khaadi's MM Alam brand for firing 32 workers for demanding fair wages and to protect another 142 people who were in danger of losing their jobs. This started a social media debacle and people were quick to #boycottkhaadi for its unethical and exploitative practices.
And finally, after a long period of quiet from Khaadi, the brand representatives​ finally released a statement as they now felt it mandatory to satisfy their patrons. Khaadi denies having fired 32 of its employees and called it a 'premeditated plan to reputationally harm Khaadi' . Furthermore Khaadi has requested all to NOT share or spread news that is solely 'hearsay and speculative news.'
People's Solidarity Forum has rejected any statement made by Khaadi! The whole situation is so confusing and people can't figure out whose side to take!
Here's what some of Khaadi's workers are saying:

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