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Saima Bargfrede reveals tips for a flawless foundation, and the trending 'No Makeup Look'!

1. Never forget to use a primer before applying makeup. It helps to close pores and makes hydration better. Apply generously where you are more likely to sweat and oil on the face.
The 10 step guide to a flawless foundation application.
2. Less is more in makeup. Instead of first using foundation and then sculpting the face with a contour powder, Saima recommends to create dimension and depth on the face by using two to three different shades of foundation. This will ensure you have to use lesser contour powder later. 
3. Saima recommends keeping two to three shades of foundation, one the same shade as your face, the other two tad lighter and darker to create a well sculpted foundation look. The darker shade will go on areas of the face you contour, the lighter for highlighting and the medium shade to cohesively bind the two together. Plus, this can help when your skin changes color according to seasonal changes.
If you have pigmentation on your face, instead of layering on a lot of product, be sure to color correct your skin first.
4. When applying foundation be careful to cover the entire face including, e.g the eye lids. 
5. Try to stick to liquid foundations. TV sticks are made for theatre. 
6. When applying foundation, use darker shades on your jawline, the corners of your forehead and below your cheekbone. Use lighter shades on the centre of your forehead, the area around your nose and below the eyes, the Cupid's bow and near your mouth.
7. If you have pigmentation on your face, instead of layering on a lot of product, be sure to color correct your skin first. Also since pigmented areas have greys and ashy tones, use warm foundation shades to nullify the coolness of these colors.
Here's how to color correct your skin!
8. To create depth on the face, focus more on the highlighting powder instead of contour powder. Contour powders can make you look older than you years.
Learn professional makeup tips from Amina Raja.
9. Never over do your foundation, powder or contour. Less is more with them. 
10. After applying foundation, it is recommended not to quickly follow with a powder. The powder helps to set the makeup which means you won't be able to fix your mistakes or even blend products like blushers, contour, highlighter or eyeshadows that are put later on. Put it only after you are sure you don't want to edit your makeup anymore. 
11. It is not necessary to apply pressed powder! Keep the powder for the end of your makeup and only then, apply where and if necessary. 
12. When using makeup brushes, sweep them in the upward direction to follow the muscle direction. This gives a nicer result as it follows the anatomy of the face which helps to uplift the face, instead of dropping it with makeup. 
13. Apply foundation on your lips as well to cure two toning and pigmentation.
14. Use two or more tones of highlighting powders to create dimension on your face post foundation application. 
15. Even the perfect of skin tones have more than one color. You want to play with depth with your foundation shades: this is another way of contouring other than using the contour powder and creams. 
16. If you forget to apply foundation on your neck, you can use a tinted powder there instead. 
17. On mature skin, it is recommended to use less makeup product. 
18. Apply concealer on both side of your brows after you have made them to lock the shape and color. 
19. Start working on the brows from the inner lower edge and follow the sweep of the arch for a more natural look. For strokes, follow the direction of your brow hair as a guide. 
20. For draping sweep blush over the upper part of your face, near the cheekbones in an oval direction and also sweep the blush across the temple near the upper lid for a more breezy and romantic look. Read more about draping here.

21. For a natural look, sweep your blush shade across your lids for a nice hint of color. Preferably use pink or coral hues.
22. If you have dark patches or pigmentation on your face, wearing bright and fresh colors like Fushia, pink and corals can help to reduce the visual appearance or impact of unevenness in the skin tone and helps to make the skin fresher and healthier. 
23. Start applying lipstick from the centre of your lips and go outwards. This gives a nicer pout. Avoid sharp outlines; you want to look feminine and romantic. 
24. You can go generous with colored makeup products like blushes, eye shadows etc. Color tends to shift within an hour or two so if you apply very little, it will simple vanish in an hour or two. Using a bit more will allow it to last longer!

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