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Here's what went down on Day 1 of Hum Bridal Couture Week!

The three day extravaganza started yesterday, on 25 November 2016. The spectacular event is one of the two biggest bridal weeks in Pakistan. Yet surprisingly, when the event started, it lacked the much needed media coverage. This could be very well owed to the L'oreal Paris Bridal Week 2016, that started on September 29, and Fashion Pakistan Week that occurred a month later, and so a plausible lack luster for what had been happening frequently for the past several months.  Fortunately,though, for HUM Network, it picked up pace later and was able to make a sound media presence.
We sat down on instagram and this is the presence we got for the most popular hashtags of night:
#qhbcw  3349 (official hashtag for the event)
#qhbcw 580
#sweettouch 4605 (the staggering figure can be owed to the brands previous presence on Instagram)

Here's a breakdown of the day for you:

1. IVY Couture: Muhgals meet the World
The designer house presented its collection "Imperial Voyage" which relives the glories and splendors of a time gone by. The collection aimed to artistically amalgamate the glorious time of the Mughal empire with that of the Persian, Ottoman and Greek Cultures.

2. Mehdi: The modern muse!
Their collection "Royal Courtyard" was a modern day interpretation of classical silhouettes using accents of gold, silver and bronze.

3. MNR Design Studio:
"Chap Thilak" incorporates both Middle Eastern and Asian silhouettes along with the Mughal flora and fauna along with a comprehensive examination of all forms of expressions, including western cuts
and intricate embellishments. Playful, trendy and chic, this was our most favorite collection of the night.

Mawra and Urwa walked the ramp for HSY on L'oreal Bridal Week and looked stunning!

4. HEM:
HEM’s "Shahi Muhalla" is another collection to take inspiration from the Mughal Era. The collection incorporates a blend of savvy silhouettes and prudish lengths with richly decorated details. Floaty and sheer gowns with accentuated waistlines are the mainstay of this collection.

5. Sobia Nazir:
The Mahal collection is as extravagant as a piece of art, gaining its inspiration from therich culture and heritage of "Hawaa Mahal”. The collection reflects the architectural details of The Mahal, along with the freshness and modernity of the city from where it originated. The collection comprises intricate details including delicate pearls, flawless enamel and stunning craftsmanship.

6. Zonia Anwaar:
Daria i Noor “Sea of light” by Zonia Anwaar is a creative interpretation in form of a collection designed to be fun, inspired by a touch of glamour. It uses embellishments in the form of intricate dabka work, cut-outs and embroidered patches worked over with beads, pearls and iridescent sequins.

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