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Here's all that we loved!

One of the most awaited event of the year, this years PFDC L'oreal Paris Bridal Week was just as exciting filled with contouring disasters, fashion faux pas and the most drool worthy outfits!

1. Western Twists!
Aamina Naeem made her ramp debut at PFDC L’OrĂ©al Paris Bridal Week 2016 as part of the Bank
Alfalah Rising Talent segment with her collection titled ‘Bourgeois Mistress de Haute Naissance’. The collection takes its inspiration from an 18 th century mistress Madame Pompadour, and from prominent showbiz figure Marilyn Monroe. The amalgamation of exquisite gowns of Pompadour with sultry dresses of Marilyn has been merged with embellished surfaces to be molded into garments to enhance the beauty of hidden feminism in women. The collection consists of dresses with nipped waist and bustier inspired by corsets and skirts that have been achieved with the help of draping.

2. Mawra & Urwa for HSY
HSY is the "King of Couture" for a reason. He knows how to weave magic in the garments he designs but this time our eyes were solely for the sister duo, Urwa and Mawra, who walked as show stoppers for HSY and stole the highlight!!

3. The jellyfish inspired fashion or fashion for the jellyfish?!
Maryam Amjad showcased her capsule bridal collection titled ‘Medusa’ in the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent showcase. Inspired by the under-water serene life, the collection is further inspired by the jellyfish and its life cycle. And from the looks of it, the collection was meant for jellyfish as well. Because its clearly isn't something a bride would want to wear on her wedding way. No matter how daring. But since its her first time, we are willing to cut Maryam some slack!

4. Hadiqa Kiani for Saira Shakira
Believe us when we say this that fashion weeks can be very boring! Unless you are one of the designers, models or makeup artists, its just about incessant socializing, ceaseless chitter chatter and lots of back biting. We loved how Hadiqa Kiani broke the monotony and brought the show to life with her mesmerizing voice. And we have been fan girling over her even more following her OST for Udaari!

5. The shararas and ghararas! <3
Shararas and ghararas are one of the most favourite choices for bridal wear. But not everyone can pull them off. Sania Maskatiya's collection for PFDC was very archaic and repetitive but her shararas had us mind blown!

6. Urwa's contouring disaster!
Those times when we are reminded of the power of blending. It was Urwa's bad makeup day and we can't stop wondering how Nabila let her walk on the ramp looking like this! Get ready to flinch.

7. The craziness that is Ali Xeeshan!
The lock, man! Haha

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