Friday, September 9, 2016

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Maya Ali's statement makeup look is just 6 steps away!

If you are a Maya Ali fan there is one thing you probably have noticed about her; she is a fan of nude makeup. Every now and then, she is spotted in a nude face and complementary kohl rimmed eyes, be it award shows, a magazine shoot or a social event.

Fortunately we got the chance to sit with Maya Ali's makeup artist, Shoaib Khan, and he exclusively revealed the products he uses on Maya Ali to get her staple "Nude Face";
Shoaib Khan did these 6 steps to get Maya's makeup look:
1. He started by prepping Maya's face and follows with Luscious Cosmetics stick foundation.
2. To set her face he used the MAC's Transparent pressed powder.
3. And followed with MAC's bronzing powder to sculpt Maya's face and give it a sun kissed look.
Sun stripping is the makeup technique Shoaib Khan uses to bronze Maya Ali's face. Here's how its done:
4. He followed by highlighting her face with the Bobby Brown Highlighter.
5. Finally for the  most important part,  he applied a black kohl pencil around the rim of Maya's eyes and blended it gently with a blending brush.
6. He finished off the look with a nude lipstick. You are done :)
Did you know there are rules to wearing nude lipstick? Find out now!

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