Monday, September 12, 2016

These 4 trends are so popular and so affordable, you just can't miss them!!

1. Igari Makeup
This is definitely one of the biggest trends after contouring, strobing and nontouring! It was initially introduced in Japan and later spread worldwide. Its about a flushed face.
1. Start by lining your eyes with a red eyeshadow or liner. The red around eyes gives the illusion of a person being ill.
Quick Tip: Don't overdo it though, you want to look like a vampire.
Take an eye shadow brush and dip it in red eye shadow. Pack it near the outer rim of your eyes and blend your way inwards.
Quick Tip: What to look for in an eye shadow brush?

2. Next apply coral, pink or orange blush directly under the eyes. This will make your face look flushed!
3. Finish off with an ombre lip. Pack a red or orange lip color in the centre of your lips and blend outwards.
4. For an edgier look, you can apply glitter underneath your eyes as well.
5. For the complete tutorial on igari makeup, click here.

Pocket friendly products we recommend for the look:
1. Essence Longlasting Lipliner in 01 Ready for Red! For complete review and swatches click here!
Fun Suggestion: Use it to line your eyes as well!

2. Stageline Velvet Blush Treated Treated Pigment in CP. For complete review on this blush, click here.

2. Sun Stripping
It is the latest bronzing trend where a person bronzes parts of their face where sunlight directly hits.
1. Start by selecting a bronzer in the shade you would naturally tan it.
Quick Tip; Select a non-shimmery bronzer as the sun does not cause the skin to shimmer. Remember striping is all about a natural look.
2. Using a dense kabuki brush gently sweep the bronzer across the perimeter of the face.
3. Basically you draw a 3 on both sides of your face with a bronzer.
4. Next sweep the bronzer across the bridge of your nose. This should be the end result!
5. For a complete tutorial on sun stripping, click here.

Products we recommend for sun stripping:
1. Luscious Cosmetics Contour Kit. For complete review on the contour kit, click here.

3. The Metallic & Glitter Lip Trend
Metallic and glitter lips were probably one of the biggest makeup trends to come out of the recent most fashion weeks. Kylie Cosmetic's and Pat Mcgrath's metallic lip products are undoubtedly the most popular  but each lipstick is priced around Us $ 25 each which is pretty expensive. So we have found you a pocket friendly local dupe that you are going to love!
Inglot Lipstick in 87 is the metallic lipstick dupe you have been always waiting for! It is available for PKR 600 (around US$ 6) from Inglot Pakistan. Have a look:

Since, it is a moisturizing formula, you may not get an intense a pigmentation as you would like. For that we recommend using a matte lipstick of a similar shade as a base.

4. Draping
Initially introduced by makeup artist Wan Bandy in the 1980's, Draping is finally being revived by none other than the beauty mogul MARC JACOBS BEAUTY.
1. Draping uses two blushes of a similar color palette and uses them to create regions of light and dark on the face. The darker blush is applied below the apples of the cheeks.
2. Apply the lighter blush over the darker shade and then smooth out the edges.
3. Sculpt the chin, the peaks of brows, the tip of the nose and the sides of the neck for a more detailed look.
4. The key here is to blend the blushes thoroughly and VOILA!!!, you are done already :)

Products we recommend for the look:
1. Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System Fusion Blush and Illuminator is the answer to all your draping problems. 
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