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Joko Makeup is the latest makeup brand to arrive in Pakistan!
Here is our review on its Pump Your Lashes Mascara. These are the many reasons it is a must have:

The Brand Claims:
Innovative volumizing-lengthening silicone brush of PUMP Your Lashes Mascara with its irregular shape perfectly distributes mascara without sticking eyelashes and clumping. It has long bristles on one end and short on the other to precisely cover all lashes and add them volume. This brush combs lashes perfectly, so that they look naturally thick. Pump Your Lashes mascara can be used by women with sensitive eyes and wearing contact lenses.

My Experience:
Joko Makeup Pump your Lashes mascara is available in three color variants. The one I will be reviewing today is Deep Blue. The innovative wand is made of silicone. The bristles are longer at the middle of one side, giving it an inverted 'C' shape. The varying lenghts are perfect to cover all of the lashes. The longer bristles give the outer lashes the fluttered look and the shorter ones are perfect for covering the bottom lashes. Since the bristles are harder than regular ones, make sure not to poke yourself in the eye.

The wand applies perfect amount of product, lengthening and enhancing my lashes, without making them look clumpy. The tiny bristles make my bottom lashes look longer and more prominent than they ever have. While the mascara does not give you VA VA VOOM kind of volume, the result is pretty good. The mascara is not waterproof. It won't smear during the day but you just need to wet and slightly rub your eyes to take it off. No tugging and pulling is required. l find this mascara to be a better and way more affordable dupe for L'Oréal Butterfly Effects mascara. 

As for the color, I would say you get a hint of blue if your lashes catch the light at a certain angle. Otherwise it just looks black. 

So my verdict is that Joko Makeup Pump your Lashes mascara may not be for if your are looking for colored ones. But if you want a basic black mascara, it certainly beats your current staple.

  • Even and smooth application.
  • Lengthens and enhances lashes.
  • Does not form clumps.
  • Dupe to L'Oréal Butterfly Effects mascara.
  • Does not smear.
  • Is not water proof.
  • On lashes, it almost appears black.
Price & Availability:
 Joko Makeup Pakistan's Pump Your Lashes Mascara is priced at PKR 650. Check out Joko Makeup Pakistan's Facebook page here.

You can get Joko Makeup's Pump Your Lashes Mascara for PKR 650 PKR 617 now!!
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My Rating: 4.5/5

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