Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Celebrate Independence Day in style!!
Learn how to create these 5 easy manicures and become the talk of the town :)

1. Start by painting your nails white.
2. Then using a thick dark green nail polish or acrylic paint make flowers using a pointed tip brush.
3. Repeat with a lighter green color.
4. Finally, add details using a yellow paint.

1. Paint your nails with a dark green polish.
2. Next, cover your nails with a stripping tape in a geometric pattern.
3. Cover some squares in white nail polish and the rest in a pale green polish.
4. After the polish has set, remove the striping tapes and set off the design with a top coat.

1. Start off by applying a white nail color.
2. Using a thin, pointed brush, apply thin strokes and cover the tip of your nail.
3. To add dimension, use a lighter shade of green to create some more strokes.
4. Finally, using a small sized dotting tool, add details with a yellow paint.

Nothing better than a traditional take on nail art :)
1. Start off by painting your nails white.
2. Next cover part of your nail bed with a masking tape and paint the remaining nail green.
3. Remove the tape and create a crescent and a star.

1. First, paint your nails green.
2. Using a dotting tool, create white dots in the pattern of a flower.
3. Using a relatively smaller dotting tool, add in dots with green and yellow nail polish.

Some more Independence Day Nail Art Ideas:

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  1. The third one looks so so pretty!



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