Sunday, July 24, 2016

Your Summer Beauty routine is incomplete without these 5 must have products:

1. Garnier BB Cream
The product comes in a long, slim tube with a screw cap and holds 40ml of product. Consistency of the BB cream is runny which is a plus and a negative at same time. The consistency makes blending easy but I am always in the fear of dispensing a lot more product than I need. It has an alcoholic scent which is not noticeable once applied. I apply the cream using my fingers and it blends like a dream without settling into fine lines. The BB cream settles into a soft matte finish with light coverage and despite yellow undertones instantly brightens up my face. It keeps my combination skin matte for upto 3 hours and this time can be stretched upto 5 hours if set with powder. After 5 hours it lets the shine seep through and starts to disappear without making my face look dirty.
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2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
The powder in itself has a very soft texture which makes it very easy to apply. In just one swipe, it does its job giving your face a matte appearance and hence leaving no room for further application. To apply anymore is to give your face a cakey a look. It keeps my face matte for upto 4 hours.
All in all Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder lives upto its reputation. While it comes with some trivial flaws, the powder effectively does its job with a reasonable price tag. It has turned out to be a staple in my daily routine.

3. Pond's Pimple Clear Multi Action Facewash
Roughly a pea sized amount is required per use. When I was my face with it, I actually feel the dust and oil coming out of my skin and it gives a really light feel to my skin. This face wash keeps my skin matte for about 4 to 5 hours.This face wash also contains exfoliating beads which is a plus.
All in all, it is a perfect face wash for those with oily skin. Use a moisturizer if your skin over dries.
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4. Catrice Cosmetics Better Than False Lashes Mascara
The consistency is just perfect, with not too thick or runny a fluid, giving the mascara the attributes of both easy application and a long life.When you apply the mascara you see that not only it volumizes your lashes but it also lengthens them.
5. Luscious Cosmetics Contour Kit
In case you are not aware, contour powders are supposed to be cool toned to the point of being greyish brown, in order to create the illusion of a shadow. If they are warm, they can make your face look muddy and dirty. The shades in Luscious Contour Kit seem to work for me and I absolutely love the palette but they could be more cool toned. The light contour shade, specially, appears almost warm. I prefer using the dark powder for precise contour (using Sigma Beauty P84 Precision Brush) and the light powder to add warmth to my face (using any fluffy powder brush). The pigmentation, specially of the dark contour powder, is amazing. They are also very blendable which makes them easy to use.
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  1. I love Garnier BB cream too. It's do good and lasts realy well throughout the day in summer and has good coverage. It is alost like a water foundation.


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